Fallout: Did Maximus Hurt Dane? Answer Revealed

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In Fallout's finale, it was finally revealed if Aaron Moten's Maximus was the one who hurt Dane in the show's first episode.

Dane's Foot Injury in Fallout Premiere Explained

In the premiere, not long after Xelia Mendes-Jones' Dane was anointed and assigned as a knight's squire, the up-and-coming Brotherhood of Steel member finds themselves severely wounded.

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It turns out somebody placed razorblades in their boots, which caused them to get cut up badly enough to keep them from going out into the wasteland. This led to Maximus getting the promotion instead.

Fallout, Xelia Mendes-Jones, Dane, Maximus, Aaron Moten
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It's a mystery that the show left unanswered for nearly its entire first season, but most in the Brotherhood assumed Maximus was behind it.

Fallout, Xelia Mendes-Jones, Dane
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Did Maximus Hurt Dane in Fallout?

The topic of Dane's injury returns in Fallout's big finale, when Maximus is escorted back to Filly.

Once arriving, he's questioned why he's wearing the knight's red (the uniform power armor users wear under the suit). Maximus admits his knight was killed in action, to which Quintus (the leader of the local sect of the Brotherhood) points out how that isn't the first time a comrade of Maximus' fell into misfortune.

Quintus accuses Maximus of lying about both occasions, which almost leads to the up-and-coming Brotherhood member losing his life—especially when it's revealed the head Maximus brought is not the one everyone is looking for. 

Before a Knight can kill Maximus, Dane comes forward and admits that they were the ones who hurt themselves.

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It turns out Mendes-Jones' character was terrified about being assigned to the wasteland, so much so that injuring themselves with razorblades in their boots seemed like a solid backup plan. While that might be considered a crazy rationalization, this is Fallout's wasteland, after all.

Maximus has done some questionable things throughout the show, but hurting his close comrade, Dane, is not one of them.

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What Will Season 2 Have in Store for Maximus & Dane?

In the final scenes of Fallout Season 1, Maximus is hailed as a hero of the Brotherhood of Steel—a moment that only began thanks to Dane hyping him up for killing Moldaver (which he didn't do). So, for those worried about the duo's friendship, it could be just beginning.

Hopefully, a potential Season 2 will give them more screen time to develop their dynamic.

After all, with Aaron Moten's Maximus getting an offer from Brotherhood of Steel leader Quintus to rise in the ranks, his character is probably going to stick around with his faction some more—perhaps even longer than just two episodes.

The entire faction of the Brotherhood could use some more fleshing out onscreen, and Maximus and Dane make for a strong duo within its ranks to follow. Maybe if they stick together, Dane will be able to meet Ella Purnell's Lucy as well.

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