Fallout Season 2 Gets Hopeful Update from Producers (Exclusive)

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Producers behind Amazon Studios’ Fallout television series are hopeful for a Season 2 and have already discussed ideas for what it could be.

The first trailer for Fallout proved the IP looked to be in good hands, with the show feeling like it was ripped straight from the world of the beloved games. One of its main characters, Lucy, is even a vault dweller, a perspective that should feel familiar to fans.

Despite what seems to be a solid adaptation, there has been no official word about a Season 2 from Amazon Studios.

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Will Fallout Season 2 Happen?

Ella Purnell in Fallout series
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Some of the producers behind the new Fallout series for Amazon Prime Video sat down for an exclusive interview with The Direct’s Russ Milheim, where they revealed their hopes for a Season 2.

Showrunner Geneva Robertson-Dworet shared how "[they are] hoping to get [a Season 2]" because there were "so many things that [they] could not fit into eight hours in Season 1:"

"We do not have [a Season 2] yet, but we're hoping to get one because we certainly have so many things that we could not fit into eight hours in Season 1 that we really, really want to do. That was the hardest, I think, part of adapting all of this was the fact that there's just nonstop treasure in 25 years of 'Fallout' games, and you want to bring everything to the screen, but you can't because you can't do justice to all of it, right?"

Executive producer Jonathan Nolan admitted that they certainly "talked about" what a Season 2 could be, but the majority of their focus was making sure they had "one terrific season to tell," at the very least:

"We talked about a little bit. I think you always have to have a game plan should you be so lucky as to get a second season. I think, for the most part, we put our energy into making sure you've got one terrific season to tell. And if you should be so lucky, with Geneva [Robertson-Dworet] and Graham [Wagner], the showrunners, we've talked from the beginning about where we could go with this; I just hope that people enjoy it, we get a chance."

"You don't want to do some shitty adaptation of a favorite element from the game," she continued, "by bringing it into Season 1 too briefly:"

"So you don't want to do some shitty adaptation of a favorite element from the game, whether it be a creature or a faction, and just totally, you know, breeze by it by bringing it into Season 1 too briefly. So, as a result, there's a lot of things we want to do in future seasons. And we'll just have to pray that we get to Season Two and beyond."

As the narrative continues across hypothetical future seasons, one can not help but wonder how that could eventually bump into whatever a proper Fallout 5 might become.

Dworet shared that "[they are] not too worried about navigating Fallout 5" and that Bethesda Gameworks, the developers behind the video games, have already been informed about their "hopes for a potential Season 2:"

"We've had lovely discussions with Todd [Howard] throughout, and Bethesda they've always been involved. It's been actually a really lovely, easy collaboration with them. So we're not too worried about navigating 'Fallout 5' because they've already informed us of some things to be aware of, and we've informed them of our hopes for a potential Season 2."

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What Does the Future of Fallout Hold for Fans?

It's hard to guess where Season 2 could go story-wise, seeing as how Season 1 has not yet dropped. But the world of Fallout is vast, and the tales the writers can tell from the Wasteland are never-ending.

It is also such a big franchise it's hard to imagine Amazon Studios not heavily investing in more. This show could quickly become a flagship project for them, like Avatar: The Last Airbender is now for Netflix.

At the very least, fans will probably hope that more seasons will continue to follow the same cast of characters and the story of Wasteland Los Angeles. On the other hand, if the show wanted to, it could rebrand itself as an anthology series, with each Season focusing on an entirely different part of the world and a new set of characters.

After all, one area of Fallout’s lore that could be further expanded on is the exploration of anything outside of what used to be America. However, perhaps that is a story better saved for another game, which often exists relatively separate from one another.

All eight episodes of Fallout Season 1 debut on Wednesday, April 10 at 6 p.m. ET/9 p.m. ET on Prime Video. In the meantime, check out a neat giveaway the series is offering its fans!

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