Fallout TV Show: Official Vault-Tec Giveaway Announced by Amazon Prime

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Fallout, Amazon Studios

Prime Video announced a fun Vault-Tech-themed giveaway ahead of its new Fallout series.

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Fallout Fans Can Win Big With New Contest

Amazon Studios is starting a new giveaway called Prepare for Fallout With Prime, which lets fans win one of two different prize packs—both heavily themed towards the upcoming series, and each can gift the winner "200 years of free stuff."

Fallout, Amazon Prime

The first is the Vault-Dweller Challenge, whose prize pack includes a 2024 65" NEO QLED 4K TV, top-of-the-line turntable, 1680 grams of caviar, 900 bottles of Nuka-Cola Victory, 10,000 cans of creamed corn and beans, and an Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman.

To enter for that prize, fans must either make an "AMAZING ATOMIC GELATIN MOLD," or impress their friends by showcasing how long they can hula-hoop for.

Then there's The Wastelander Challenge, which awards a Big Green Egg Grill, a Yeti 45 hard cooler, a premium powerlifting weight set, 1,250 pounds of protein powder, and 300 cans of bug spray.

The requirements for The Wastelander Challenge are to either make a "FANTASTIC FOIL HELMET" or simply give an interesting name to a chicken.

Fans should visit this website to enter and view the contest's terms and conditions.

Additionally, Fallout released a funny video to go alongside the contest, which also happens to give fans a glimpse at never-before-revealed characters from the show. The full promo can be seen here:

Fallout debuts all eight episodes of its first season on Prime Video on April 11.

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