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Matt Berry's multiple roles in the Fallout TV show have fans begging the actor to voice Codsworth in the next game in the storied franchise. 

Amazon Prime Video's post-nuclear streaming epic, based on the beloved series of video games from Bethesda Game Studios, is now available worldwide. It introduces fans to a live-action version of this acclaimed irradiated world. 

As a part of this, several major characters from the Fallout franchise were taken on by iconic actors including Walton Goggins, Ella Purnell, and Kyle MacLachlan. 

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Who Does Matt Berry Play in Fallout?

After being announced as a part of the Fallout TV series cast, fans discovered Matt Berry does not play one role in the streaming drama, but three. 

The What We Do in the Shadows actor appears in three episodes of Amazon Prime Video's Fallout, popping up in three different roles. 

The Snip Snip Mr. Handy robot voiced by Matt Berry in Amazon Prime Video's Fallout TV series
Amazon Prime Video

Berry was originally listed as only playing Mr. Handy in the TV series, one of the iconic robotic assistants seen in the Fallout universe that has been a part of every game in the franchise. 

In actuality, Berry brings to life Mr. Handy, Snip Snip, and Sebastian Leslie in the acclaimed TV series. 

Fans get a taste of Berry's Mr. Handy first in Episode 1, where a model of the iron-plated assistant is seen helping cater a party just before a mass nuclear attack kicks off the series' post-apocalypse world. 

He is back in Episode 4 ("The Ghouls") voicing another robot named Snip Snip, a specialized Mr. Handy model that has been adjusted to harvest organs. Fans see him interact with Ella Purnell's Lucy as he gives her a new finger and is destroyed by the former vault dweller after attempting to tear her open. 

Matt Berry as Sebastian Leslie wearing a yellow jacket and smoking a cigarette in Amazon Prime Video's Fallout TV series
Amazon Prime Video

The English funnyman's last appearance in the series comes in Episode 6, showing up as a part of a flashback sequence, showing some details of those who aimed to profit from the end of the world before the nuclear devastation that started the series. 

In this flashback, Berry plays Sebastian Leslie, an English actor who sells the rights to his voice to become the voice of General Atomics International (aka the company responsible for creating the Mr. Handy robotic assistant). 

Fans Call for Matt Berry To Play Codsworth

After appearing in multiple roles in the Fallout Amazon Prime Video show, audiences are clamoring for the actor to be in the next Fallout video game. 

Matt Berry's performance as the voice of the series' iconic Mr. Handy robots has fans of the franchise wanting him to become the canon voice of the electronic assistants in the games. Some believe he could play the optional Fallout 4 companion, Codsworth, if the character were to return.

Gamers like @mimipenguino took to X (formerly Twitter), voicing their enthusiasm for the actor's performance in the TV series, saying, "We need Matt Berry as a Codsworth in, [Fallout 5]:"

"IDK if i have tweeted about it yet, 'Fallout' was really fun. idk it was the right amount of silly and serious. Walton Goggins smashed it outta the park.

And also we need Matt Berry as a Codsworth in ['Fallout 5']."

Some even took the actor's role in the series as him officially "being made the canon voice for Codsworth," despite Bethesda having not confirmed anything relating to a potential Berry appearance in the next Fallout game (via @Rumpmeak):

"Matt Berry being made the canon voice for codsworth makes 'Fallout' a 10/10 show. anything the man is in is instantly perfect."

Considering that the next Fallout game is likely still years away (read more about Fallout 5 here), it will be long before fans know if Matt Berry is in it for the long haul with the franchise.

However, with A-list actors like Liam Neeson, Ron Perlman, and Clancy Brown having previously appeared in the hit gaming franchise, it would not be surprising if someone like Berry were to commit to the Codsworth/Mr. Handy role moving forward. 

Fallout is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video. 

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