Fallout TV Show Reviews: Strong First Reactions Get Shared Online

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Fallout fans have plenty to look forward to after critics shared strong reviews and reactions to the first screenings of the TV show based on the video game series.

Coming with an eight-episode first season dropping on April 11, Fallout brings a live-action take on the video game world first delivered in 1997, which evolved into three sequels and seven spin-off titles.

Featuring Ella Purnell in the leading role of Lucy alongside Walton Goggins and Kyle MacLachlan, the Fallout TV show will follow the aftermath of a nuclear apocalypse as Lucy ventures out into the horrifying wasteland of Los Angeles.

First Reviews & Reactions to Fallout TV Show

Fallout TV Show
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Following the first screenings of Amazon Prime Video's Fallout and ahead of the series' official review embargo lift, critics and fans shared their first reactions on X (formerly Twitter) to what they saw.

What's important to note from these reviews is that they all come from diehard, dedicated Fallout fans, indicating a belief that the series is staying true to the source material from the video games.

Gamespot producer Dave Jewitt shared that he was "extremely excited" about the series as a longtime fan of the video games:

"I was lucky enough to see the first 2 episodes of the 'Fallout' show. I can't say anything other than, as a huge Fallout fan, I am extremely excited."

@Tunnelsnakefool is "eager to see the rest of the season" after watching the first two episodes of Fallout:

"I can confirm I've seen the first two episodes of 'Fallout' on Prime in March. I liked it a lot I'm eager to see the rest of the season. I think this show is going to please a lot of my fellow fans, of ALL of the games"

@VaultOfDaedalus "couldn't have wished for a more faithful adaptation" of the games after seeing the series for the first time:

"As indicated, I got to see the first two eps of 'Fallout' tonight - and a couple of months ago through work - and holy shit, as a fan at heart, I couldn't have wished for a more faithful adaptation to screen. So excited for you all to watch it soon!"

@JuiceHead33 "was blown away" by the details that came through in the Fallout series, calling it "a must-watch" for most fans:

"[Amazon Prime Video] invited me to check out the first two episodes of the 'Fallout' TV show early. I was blown away. The attention to detail and accuracy of the props and sets will make this a must-watch for nearly all 'Fallout' fans!

How Will Fallout Fans React to TV Show?

While there are no specific details on what the show got right yet, these reviews tease a story that remains faithful to what fans have seen since 1997, particularly from a visual standpoint.

The team behind the series is also doing its best to appeal to fans with a Prepare for Fallout With Prime giveaway, celebrating the best of the franchise as it gets its first TV adaptation.

And with the show's creative team sharing in an exclusive interview with The Direct that this series takes place after the events of the games, it will add a new layer of intrigue to the adventure fans already know and love.

All eight episodes of Fallout debut on Amazon Prime Video on Thursday, April 11.

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