Fallout New Vegas 2 Rumored To Be In the Works, Could Release Later This Decade

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Fervor for future projects from Bethesda Softworks – the publisher behind series like Fallout , Elder Scrolls , and Wolfenstein – has increased dramatically since Microsoft announced its plans to acquire its parent company, Zenimax Media.

Last week, Bethesda announced that Machine Games, the studio behind the Wolfenstein series, will develop an original Indiana Jones game with Lucasfilm Games .

More speculation on future Bethesda titles has arisen, with rumors that a sequel to a beloved Fallout game may be in the works.


A Bethesda insider claims to know information on planned Bethesda games, including the existence of a potential sequel to Fallout: New Vegas .

In a recent tweet , Tyler McVicker, formerly of Valve News Network, noted his expectations for Bethesda Game Studio’s upcoming releases over the course of the decade.

The tweet reads:

“I expect [Fallout: New Vegas 2] in the latter half of this decade. I expect [The Elder Scrolls 6] in 2026-7. I expect anything close to a Fallout 5 in the 2030s. Starfield is next, and even that needs another year or two.”

McVicker also claims to have more information on other Bethesda projects in this video :

Neither Fallout: New Vegas 2 nor Fallout 5 have been confirmed, and the release window for the next Elder Scrolls game has not been announced by Bethesda.

As of now, this information remains highly speculative. McVicker has established himself as somewhat of a trusted leaker in the past, most notably revealing information on Half-Life: Alyx before it was officially announced.


Though this is largely speculation, a sequel to Fallout: New Vegas has become more likely since Microsoft’s purchase of Zenimax Media. The developer of Fallout: New Vegas , Obsidian Entertainment, is owned by Bethesda, who cheekily replied on Twitter with a shrug emoji when a fan asked if a sequel was possible.

As for the potential release window for the rumored New Vegas sequel, sometime later this decade seems possible. Obsidian is working on the high fantasy game Avowed , which has no firm release date yet. If that game is a few years away, then full development on a potential New Vegas sequel probably won’t start until that game is close to being finished.

Aside from Obsidian's busy development schedule, it’s possible that Bethesda might want to hold off on releasing a Fallout game for a few years. The launch of Fallout 76 was problematic, and although the game rebounded somewhat, it tainted the franchise for some fans. The sequel to the beloved Fallout: New Vegas could be a sign of Bethesda wanting to right its previous wrongs.

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