Michael Rapaport's Controversial Fallout Role Explained - Who Is Knight Titus?

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Ella Purnell in Fallout

Despite being known by many as a controversial figure, actor Michael Rapaport appeared in Amazon Prime Video's Fallout as the ironclad Knight Titus. 

Prime Video's nuclear age streaming series, based on the hit Bethesda-developed video game franchise, takes audiences to the wasteland and follows several survivors as they traverse a post-nuclear California nearly 200 years after the bombs dropped. 

The series is led by A-list talent like Ella Purnell and Walton Goggins, but the rest of the cast is filled out with several names fans will find familiar. 

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Michael Rapaport Sours Fans on Fallout

Michael Rapaport Fallout TV Series bleeding in Power Armor
Amazon Prime Video

Michael Rapaport's appearance in Episode 2 of Amazon Prime Video's Fallout ruffled some feathers amongst audiences, as the controversial actor joined the series in the role of Knight Titus.

Rapaport's role in the streaming series has fans conflicted, as the actor has been awash with controversy for some time. 

The American actor and comedian is best known for his work in Deep Blue Sea and True Romance but has drawn the ire of large swaths of fans as of late for what many consider controversial political views. 

He has publicly backed former President Donald Trump online as well as denying the ongoing genocide happening in Gaza at the hands of the Israeli government.

His appearance in the Fallout TV series soured some fans on the idea of the show. 

X (formerly Twitter) users like @TwoPantsJimmy took to the social media platform saying the actor's role in the series "[ruined their] day:"

"Imagine a world where they made a 'Fallout' tv show and it was actually good, but they put Michael Rapaport in it to ruin your day."

Other viewers went as far as to call the series a "0/10" simply for including Rapaport (via @JustReddz):

"Ahhhh f*** michael rapaport in 'Fallout' f*** this s***. 0/10"

Who Is Michael Rapaport's Fallout Character?

For those wondering who exactly Micheal Rapaport plays in the Fallout TV series, he brings to life Knight Titus in the first two episodes. 

Titus is a member of the Brotherhood of Steel, an almost religious-like faction in the post-nuclear wasteland known for their clandestine customs and iconic suits of Power Armor. 

Titus in Power Armor in Amazon Prime Video's Fallout
Amazon Prime Video

He joins Aaron Moten's Maximus on his first mission as a Squire in the Brotherhood's ranks. 

As Maximus' superior, Titus treats the up-and-comer as his lackey, as the pair search for a man and his dog whom the Brotherhood has a particular interest in. 

However, things do not go as planned for Titus and Maximus. Upon landing in the forests to the east of the Los Angeles Wasteland, the pair come across an irradiated bear. 

A bear attacking Michael Rapaport's Titus in Amazon Prime Video's Fallout
Amazon Prime Video

The wild animal charges at Titus, taking on the ironclad character in his full suit of Power Armor. 

Despite being armed with what is essentially a walking tank, Rapaport's Fallout character cannot put a dent into the bear, with Maximus having to come to his aide. 

A bear laying on top of Titus in Amazon Prime Video's Fallout
Amazon Prime Video

With the bear dead - thanks to a bullet in the head courtesy of Maximus - Moten's character seemingly leaves Titus for dead, stripping him of his armor and wandering toward irradiated LA. 

Given the scene cuts before fans see any definitive proof that Rapaport's character is dead, it is unknown if the controversial actor will return elsewhere in the series. However, it can be assumed his character is dead as Titus is seen in his armor later in the episode. 

Fallout is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video

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