Does Maximus Die In Fallout Show Season 1?

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Maximus in Fallout show

Several characters die during Fallout's ending, but the fate of Aaron Moten's Maximus is a little more complicated. 

Moten's character in the hit Amazon Prime Video series (based on Bethesda's beloved video game franchise) is a member of the clandestine Knights of the Round Table-esque faction known as the Brotherhood of Steel. 

After being left in the wasteland with nothing but a suit of hulking Power Armor, Maximus crosses paths with Ella Purnell's Lucy, arriving with Purnell's happy-go-lucky vault dweller at what used to be LA's Griffith Observatory for the blood-soaked proceedings of the series finale. 

Does Maximus Die in the Fallout Finale?

Aaron Moten as Maximus laying on the ground with blood on his forehead in Fallout Season 1
Amazon Prime Video

While some may think Aaron Moten's Maximus was left for dead at the end of Amazon Prime Video's Fallout series, the character does not die. 

Moten's Brotherhood of Steel Aspirant enters the Griffith Observatory, meeting Ella Purnell's Lucy for Season 1's last stand. 

As a raid begins on the Observatory, led by Maximus' fellow Brotherhood members, he helps Lucy retrieve her father from the clutches of one Lee Moldaver (played by Sarita Choudhury). 

After handing over the secret to cold fusion energy to Moldaver - and getting a lecture about her father's shady history as a former Vault-Tec employee - Lucy and her father Hank (Kyle MacLachlan) are reunited. 

Aaron Moten as Maximus looking disappointed in Fallout on Amazon Prime Video
Amazon Prime Video

However, she turns her back on her father as she learns he left her mother for dead years earlier and launched the bombs that destroyed Shady Sands. 

This prompts Hank to knock Maximus out and make a run for it. Lucy is forced to leave Maximus as he lies unconscious on the floor. 

Moldaver dies in the crossfire of the raid happening on the observatory, and Maximus awakens to find his fellow Brotherhood members looking over him. 

He is then praised by the group for supposedly killing Moldaver and taking out one of the Bortherhood's key rivals, despite that not being the case. 

Aaron Moten's Maximus and Xelia Mendes-Jones' Dane looking out at the devistated Los Angeles area in Amazon Prime Video's Fallout series
Amazon Prime Video

This leaves Maximus as the newly-crowned leader of the Brotherhood of Steel, with no memory of where Lucy went or why.

This could create conflict for the character in Season 2 as Maximus questions why Lucy would abandon him after he made an effort to get back to her for the finale. 

Who Died in the Fallout Season 1 Finale?

Just because Aaron Moten's Maximus did not die during Fallout's ending does not mean the series came and went without its fair share of bloodshed. 

Leading into the finale, Knight Titus (Maximus' former Knight, whom he left for dead after a bear attack) and Dr. Wilzig (the scientist whose head is hiding the secret to Cold Fusion) both bit the dust. 

Then, during the finale, two major names were killed before credits rolled on the series' first season. 

After eight episodes of traversing the wasteland in search of her father's captor, Ella Purnell's Lucy finally met Sarita Choudhury's Lee Moldaver. 

As Moldaver is handed the key to cold fusion and unlimited power (read more about Fallout's cold fusion secret here), she lights up the Los Angeles skyline behind her, waltzes out of the room, and is soon after killed from wounds she received during the raid on the Griffith Observatory. 

The other big name who dies in Episode 8 is Rose MacLean. As a part of Moldaver's expositionary monologue revealing her true intentions, the shady past of Lucy's father Hank, and why she was looking for the head of Dr. Wilzig, she drops the bomb of who Lucy's long-lost mother was. 

Lucy learns her mother whisked the vault dweller away at a young age to live on the surface within the safety of the Shady Sands community. However, her father, Hank, takes his kids back from his wife, Rose, and drops a bomb on Shady Sands. 

This leaves Rose as an irradiated ghoul, seen sitting at a table in the Observatory where Moldaver captured Hank. 

After realizing who she is, Lucy ends her mother's life, stopping Rose's eternal suffering. 

Fallout Season 1 is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video. 

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