Fallout Show: How Did Moldaver Survive?

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Lee Moldaver in Fallout

One of the unanswered questions about Fallout centers around how Lee Moldaver managed to survive for over 200 years.

Lee Moldaver, played by Sarita Choudhury, is initially introduced as a Raider who attacked the vault dwellers of Vault 33. 

As the Prime Video series progresses, Moldaver's complex backstory is slowly unearthed leading fans to question who she truly is. 

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How Did Moldaver Survive The Apocalypse?

Sarita Choudhury as Lee Moldaver
Sarita Choudhury

Lee Moldaver is an intimidating presence right from her first appearance in Fallout, and many already assumed she is a full-fledged villain after she led the Raiders in a murder spree in Vault 32 (aka Lucy's home). 

However, things took a turn in Fallout Episode 7 when it was revealed that Moldaver was actually Miss Williams before the Great War (200 years ago). She even met Cooper Howard (not as a ghoul) during one of the anti-Vault Tec meetings. 

Sarita Choudhury as Moldaver
Sarita Choudhury

Surviving over 200 years ago is close to impossible in the world of Fallout, except if you are a Ghoul like Cooper. Not only that, but Moldaver appears to be the same age as the last time viewers saw her as Miss Williams. 

Although the series didn't explicitly explain how Moldaver survived all those years, there are several theories on how she was still around. 

Fallout's finale revealed that Vault-Tec has cryo-freezing technology that allows executives part of the Bud's Buds program to put themselves in stasis for a lengthy period. 

Moldaver may have access to the same technology, considering that Vault-Tec corporation took over her research in the past. 

She could even be one of the pioneers behind cryo-freezing technology due to her involvement with cold fusion research. 

Wait, Is Moldaver a Synth from the Fallout Games? 

Despite being alive for more than 200 years, Moldaver is still strong and active in the realm of the wasteland. 

Some have theorized that the Moldaver in the Fallout series is an advanced version of a Synth from the games. 

For the uninitiated, a Synth (aka synthetic humanoids) are biomechanics beings that are indistinguishable from humans. 

Moldaver may have found a way to transfer her consciousness into a Synth, which could explain why she is still alive. 

Another working theory of why Moldaver survived the apocalypse is the fact that she was able to develop a serum that allowed her to have an extended lifespan similar to what a Ghoul is inhaling. The only advantage is there are no physical drawbacks. 

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