Full Cast of Fallout Episode 2 - Every Main Character & Actor Who Appears (Photos)

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Fallout TV Show main characters, Lucy and Maximus

The apocalypse has officially begun as fans venture into the wasteland in Episode 2 of Amazon Prime Video's Fallout series. 

Brought to life by a cast of A-list talent like Ella Purnell and Walton Goggins, the post-nuclear streaming drama—based on Bethesda's beloved franchise of video games—follows the survivors of a world where a great nuclear war wiped America from the map nearly 200 years ago.

After Episode 1 introduced audiences to the colorful ensemble at Fallout's heart, the series' second chapter ("The Target") started intertwining these seemingly disparate stories, with main characters crossing each other's paths for the first time. 

Every Main Character & Actor in Fallout Episode 2

Ella Purnell - Lucy

Ella Purnell as Lucy in her blue vault dweller suit from Amazon Prime Video's Fallout TV series
Amazon Prime Video

Ella Purnell's Lucy serves as Fallout's primary protagonist (and conduit for the audience). Lucy is a 'glass half-full' vault dweller who, after being raised in the protection of an underground vault community, is experiencing the ruthlessness of the Californian wasteland for the first time. 

After being thrust from Vault 33, Lucy continues her search for her father. In Episode 2, she arrives at a makeshift settlement, where her eyes are opened to the 'shoot or be shot' nature of her new irradiated surroundings. 

Purnell's previous credits include Kick-Ass 2, Yellowjackets, and Netflix's Arcane series. 

Aaron Moten - Maximus

Aaron Moten as Maximus looking questioningly at the camera in Amazon Prime Video's Fallout TV series
Amazon Prime Video

Aaron Moten takes on the role of Maximus in Amazon Prime Video's Fallout. Maximus is an aspiring member of the Brotherhood of Steel, a post-apocalyptic take on the Knights of the Round Table known for their walking tank-esque Power Armor suits. 

Episode 2 sees Maximus in the field on his first mission as a Brotherhood squire. However, after the knight he is serving comes to blows with a mutated bear, Maxmius takes advantage of the situation, stealing his superior's armor for himself. 

Moten can also be seen in Will Smith's Emancipation, Father Stu, and Disjointed

Walton Goggins - The Ghoul

Walton Goggins as The Ghoul wearing a cowboy hat backdropped by the junkyard of Filly in Amazon Prime Video's Fallout TV series
Amazon Prime Video

Bringing to life Fallout's gun-slinging Ghoul is Walton Goggins. Goggins' necrotic post-human has been the victim of severe radiation poisoning, causing his skin to rot and give off a disturbing burnt-looking appearance. 

The Ghoul is on a mission in the first two episodes of the series, looking for a scientist (who also happens to be the subject of a wasteland-wide Brotherhood of Steel search). After finding his bounty target in the settlement of Filly, the Ghoul is guns-blazing as he attempts to take in the mysterious Dr. Siggi Wilzig.

Goggins is best known for his work in hits like Justified, The Hateful Eight, and Predators

Michael Emerson - Dr. Siggi Wilzig

Michael Emerson as Dr. Siggi Wilzig wearing glassing and smirking in Amazon Prime Video's Fallout TV series
Amazon Prime Video

Dr. Siggi Wilzig (played by Michael Emerson) is a former Enclave scientist now roaming the wasteland on the run from several parties.

Episode 2 finds Dr. Wilzig crossing paths with all three of the series' main characters, helping Lucy acclimatize to the wasteland, being the target of a Brotherhood of Steel mission taken on by Maximus, and taking on the devilish Ghoul, who wants the researcher for the bounty on his head. 

Emerson may be familiar to fans of Saw, Lost, and Person of Interest

Michael Rapaport - Knight Titus

Michael Rapaport as Knight Titus bleeding out in his Power Armor in Amazon Prime Video's Fallout TV series
Amazon Prime Video

The controversial actor Michael Rapaport appears as the Brotherhood of Steel warrior Knight Titus in Fallout Episode 2 (read more about Rapaport's controversy here). 

Adorned in his faction's signature Power Armor, Rapaport's Titus is the victim of a bear attack while on a mission with his underling Maximus. After succumbing to his wounds, Maximus steals his iron-clad outfit, leaving the Brotherhood of Steel member for dead.

Rapaport's other credits include Deep Blue Sea, True Romance, and Boston Public.

Dale Dickey - Ma June

Dale Dickey as Ma June in Amazon Prime Video's Fallout TV series
Amazon Prime Video

Dale Dickey's Ma June is introduced to audiences in the makeshift wasteland settlement of Filly. Ma runs one of its many trading posts, taking the wasteland currency of bottle caps as payment. 

While she mostly deals with weapons and rations, Ma becomes key to Lucy's journey in her new surroundings. She brokers a deal with the former vaulter dweller for information on the location of her kidnapped father. 

Dickey can also be seen in Hell or High Water, Iron Man 3, and Winter's Bone

Jon Daly - Snake Oil Salesman

Jon Daly as Snake Oil Salesman looking off into the distance in Filly in Amazon Prime Video's Fallout TV series
Amazon Prime Video

Jon Daly's Snake Oil Salesman is seen in Fallout Episode 2 trying to peddle his wares to Lucy as she enters the outskirts of the Filly settlement. 

He also appears earlier in the episode. Maximus, sporting his new Power Armor, 'saves' the enterprising salesman from a farmer who has taken Daly's character prisoner for trying to make love to his chickens. 

Daly previously appeared in Zoolander 2, Masterminds, and The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Michael Abbott Jr. - Farmer

Michael Abbott Jr. as Farmer in Amazon Prime Video's Fallout TV series
Amazon Prime Video

Michael Abbott Jr.'s Farmer is one of the first humans Lucy interacts with after leaving Vault 33. 

He lives just outside Filly, taking an interest in Lucy as she comes across his settlement looking for directions. He does not have much in terms of information but does steal all her water and proposes she sticks around for reproductive purposes. 

Abbott Jr. has also played parts in Killers of the Flower Moon, The Dark and the Wicked, and The Death of Dick Long

Edythe Jason - Barv

Edythe Jason as Barv smoking a cigar and eating beans in Amazon Prime Video's Fallout TV series
Amazon Prime Video

Barv (played by Edythe Jaon) is an assistant and close compatriot to Ma June in her Filly trading post. 

She takes an interest in Lucy as she comes in looking for information on Lee Moldaver and her father's kidnappers. 

Jason's other major credits include Bros, Awkwafina Is Nora from Queens, and Bros

Jake Garber - Chicken Collector

Jake Garber as Chicken Collector being gripped by Maximus in Power Armor in Amazon Prime Video's Fallout TV series
Amazon Prime Video

Jake Garber brings to life the Chicken Collector on the other side of Maximus' quote-on-quote noble cause in saving a man whom Garber's character is planning on killing. 

However, despite how it may have looked when Maximus encountered this conflict, it is revealed that the man Garber's Chicken Collector has taken hostage was defiling his chickens, causing such an uproar. 

Garber is a makeup artist who also worked on the series, holding a similar position on projects like The Walking Dead, Django Unchained, and Hellboy

Amir Carr - Young Maximus

Amir Carr as Young Maximus in Amazon Prime Video's Fallout TV series
Amazon Prime Video

Appearing in a brief flashback in Fallout Episode 2 is Amir Carr as Young Maximus. 

The short sequence featuring Carr's younger version of Aaron Moten's Brotherhood of Steel recruit sees the young boy turning to the Brotherhood as the clandestine faction seems to have saved the orphan.

Carr has also appeared in FBI: Most Wanted, Rustin, and Power

Fallout is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video. 

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