Fallout Season 2: Moisés Arias Reveals His 1 Big Hope for Lucy In New Episodes (Exclusive)

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Fallout, Ella Purnell as Lucy

Fallout star Moises Arias teased the fate of the character following the events of the show’s Season 1 finale and one of his big hopes for Ela Purnell's Lucy.

While Amazon Studios left fans holding their breath, fans can now rejoice—Season 2 of the Prime Video series was finally announced. This means that the story of the Los Angeles wasteland will continue.

However, for one character, things didn't end so well: Vault dweller Norm Maclean seems to be stuck in Vault 31 with nowhere to go.

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Fallout Star Moises Arias on What's Next for Norm

Moises Arias as Norm in Fallout
Prime Video

While speaking in an exclusive interview with The Direct’s Russ Milheim, Fallout actor Moises Arias teased the fate of his character, Norm MacLean, and what his big hope is for his onscreen sister, Ella Purnell's Lucy.

In regards to the fate of his character, who is currently stuck in Vault 31, Arias noted that "it doesn't look good," but he hopes Norm "sees something we don’t:"

"It doesn't look good, but I hope that he sees something that we don't, and that seems to be his specialty. He really uses intelligence and this sort of science to get out of situations."

But what does Arias personally hope to see Norm do next looking ahead at Season 2? He noted that "it’d be great to try to find [Lucy]":

"I really enjoyed the juxtaposition of the wasteland to the vaults and his discovery. But, you know, seeing another world is always interesting. And it's always a literal adventure. So it'd be great to try to find my sister, and it'd be great to find other mysteries as well. So Norm is going to do Norm."

One can’t help but wonder how Norm would fare if he made it up to the surface like Ella Purnell’s Lucy. Arias admitted that it would "hit him hard," but he has faith in his vault dweller:

"I think he's finally seen difficulty with, you know, Raiders coming into his home. His father leaving, his sister leaving, and his mom hasn't been there for a while. I think he's gathered enough experience to get into the wasteland. Of course, it's going to hit him hard. But he might figure his way around the wasteland."

Before Norm can ever possibly make his way to the surface, he still needs to contend with Vault 31 and its brain-on-a-Roomba—in which the actor worked alongside a physical robot on set:

"Literally. It was quite amazing. Although, they were a diva (laughs)... Everything's there, everything's practical. And that just helps to understand what it is you're looking at, you're not imagining a brain. You know, you're looking at the absurdity of who's stopping you from going into [Vault] 31. So, that was fantastic."

The Direct couldn't help but ask Arias what it was like to wear an iconic vault dweller jumpsuit, to which he noted that it’s "very practical" besides "not having pockets:"

"Yeah, I think there's a reason you would need a suit in vaults because it's one less thing to worry about. Ala Einstein, you know, one fit, and you're good. And I think everyone looks great. Yeah, it was fitted for all of us. And yes, it just seems practical, besides not having pockets, very practical."

Will Norm Reach the Wasteland in Season 2?

Norm and Lucy in Fallout Episode 1

One would have to assume that Vault 31 won’t be the end of Moses Arias’ Norm MacLean.

After all, he needs to be informed about his dad’s nefarious history—especially after all the information he uncovered at the end of Season 1. A big family reunion seems like just the thing the MacLeans need.

It would be great to see what Norm would be like in the Wasteland during Season 2. While he has been sheltered his whole life like Ella Purnell’s Lucy, it doesn't feel like his experience would be anything like his far more optimistic sister.

However, there's always the chance that the story will keep him relegated to the Vaults storyline for longer. Perhaps he’ll be responsible for taking all of his fellow vault dwellers to the wasteland one day.

Fallout is now streaming on Prime Video.

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