WandaVision: Scarlet Witch's New Costume Discretely Honors The Vision

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One of the highlights to come out of WandaVision — particularly the series finale — was the new superhero costume donned by Elizabeth Olsen's Wanda Maximoff as she finally took up the mantle of the Scarlet Witch .

Wanda's new costume takes some inspiration from the iconic Marvel Comics look while making some key changes to better adapt the suit for live-action. As new looks have been released at the suit now that some time has passed since the finale, fans have begun to notice clever references hidden in the outfit by the team over at Marvel.


Eagle-eyed Marvel fans have cleverly spotted that Wanda's new superhero look as the Scarlet Witch contains several references to her husband Vision.

Scarlett Witch Tiara and Vision
Marvel Studios

One nod — shared on Twitter via LizzieContent — can be spotted on the chest of the suit around the neckline which contains a hole in the center, clearly resembling the shape of the Mind Stone on Vision's head.

Mind Stone on Scarlett Witch Suit
Marvel Studios

Additionally, as Wanda is donning a more traditional superhero suit, she finally has a classic heroic cape. However, the pattern shown on the cape bears a clear resemblance to that of the one found on Vision's, as shown on the Hot Toys figures for both characters.

Wanda and Vision Capes
Marvel Studios


WandaVision saw the relationship between the two Avengers explored in a deeper fashion than ever , allowing viewers to truly understand how close the couple became over the three (living) years since Avengers: Age of Ultron .

Even though Wanda's Vision is now deceased, the references to him on the suit hold a clear theme of how he will always be a part of her.

The Mind Stone socket on Wanda's heart particularly emphasizes his memory as it showcases a clever use of imagery by Marvel. The version of the Vision created in the Hex is described by Wanda as “the piece of the Mind Stone that lives in [her],” the synthezoid being the love of Maximoff's life makes this a clever reference to how he will always be in her heart even after death.

WandaVision left viewers with a heart-breaking goodbye between Wanda and Vision as the Hex was destroyed, taking that version of Vision with it. However, Hayward's White Vision is still out there , now with all the hero's memories, solidifying the character will return at some point down the line .

Where exactly the robot Avenger could appear next is incredibly unclear as the packed Marvel line-up offers no obvious place for him to resurface. The only logical place to continue the story would be in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness in which Wanda will appear , seemingly looking for her and Vision's children.

Alternatively, Marvel CCO Kevin Feige promised some MCU Disney+ projects will see follow-up seasons down the line. While the sitcom stories of WandaVision may be worn out by now, a more traditional series featuring the two would be a perfect place to resume the couple's story, especially given the success of the property's inaugural season.

Marvel will debut its next Disney+ show in just a few week's time with The Falcon and the Winter Soldier dropping its first episode on March 19.

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