WandaVision: Disney Reveals Spoilery Images From Explosive Finale

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Elizabeth Olsen as Wanda Maximoff, Julian Hilliard as Billy, Jett Klyne as Tommy

Warning - This article contains spoilers for WandaVision .

Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is off to an impressive start, mainly because of the resounding success of WandaVision . The hit MCU series managed to get the ground running by showing the blissful married life of Wanda and Vision in a sitcom-inspired Westview , but, as expected, not everything is what it seems.

The slow-burn approach of WandaVision in terms of providing hints on how the show directly ties to the larger MCU was further reinforced by its long-form storytelling, and this strategy was proven effective to keep fans glued to Disney+. As a result, the Marvel series became a trending topic on social media on a weekly basis.

The finale of WandaVision is now streaming on Disney+, and a good chunk of fan theories was debunked along the way. While fans recover from a mind-blowing episode, a slew of official stills has been revealed.


Disney officially released the first batch of spoiler-heavy stills from the final episode of WandaVision .

The first still shows Wanda Maximoff as she tries to find a way to save Tommy and Billy Maximoff from Agatha Harkness.

Marvel Studios' WandaVision
Marvel Studios' WandaVision

Wanda and Vision stand side-by-side while the pair looks to save Westview from the combined might of White Vision and Agatha Harkness.

Marvel Studios' WandaVision
Marvel Studios' WandaVision

Tommy and Billy Maximoff defend Westview from SWORD by using their powers in this latest still from WandaVision .

Marvel Studios' WandaVision

Evan Peters shines in this image, but the character's real identity as Ralph Bohner will definitely be one of the main topics of discussion from fans in the coming days.

Marvel Studios' WandaVision
Marvel Studios' WandaVision

Wanda and Vision gave one final look at their twins in this emotional-heavy image from the finale of WandaVision .

Marvel Studios' WandaVision
Marvel Studios' WandaVision

The MCU's power couple hold hands together as they wait for the Westview anomaly to be over in this stunning look at the WandaVision finale.

Marvel Studios' WandaVision
Marvel Studios' WandaVision


On the surface, these images are a living reminder of an action-packed, yet emotional finale for WandaVision . In many ways, the latest installment of the series stays true to its MCU roots by showcasing hard-hitting scenes while also highlighting the character's journey from the beginning. An added bonus is the inclusion of two post-credits stingers, essentially continuing the tradition of the franchise.

Elizabeth Olsen's performance as a powerful witch and caring mother is one of the strengths of WandaVision , and this was further amplified by the finale. The actress' impressive portrayal will likely carry over to Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, and it will be interesting to witness Wanda's dynamic with the Sorcerer Supreme.

It was established that Wanda now has the Darkhold in her possession, and this seemingly suggests that this Book of the Damned will likely cause the madness within the multiverse. The rift in reality has the potential to change the MCU once again, and this could ultimately lead to all sorts of problems that will shake the world to its core.

While the future of Wanda is known after WandaVision , one of the lingering questions that the finale didn't address is the potential revival of Tommy and Billy Maximoff. Given that the voices of the twins were last heard in the post-credits scene of the show, there's a good chance that they will likely return at some point, maybe in a potential Young Avengers team-up down the line.

WandaVision might've reached its own endgame, but it's clear that the story of the Scarlet Witch is far from over.

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