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Fans have been confused from the moment of its conception as to what WandaVision actually is. The series was revealed alongside the rest of Phase 4 at SDCC 2019, with it being by far the most confusing of the bunch.

WandaVision was revealed with an odd cast of main characters from across the MCU and an equally odd sitcom concept. While the series has lived up to the promise of imitating the classic sitcom tone of a variety of eras, it's also been packed with all the traditional Marvel action fans would expect .

Westview's gradually unfolding mystery has kept fans curious as to what exactly is going on in the town which is being controlled by the Avenger, Elizabeth Olsen's Wanda Maximoff, herself . WandaVision represents a big change of pace for the character as she transitions to the traditional Scarlet Witch previously seen in comics.

The character has been known in the past to cause a whole host of disasters for the Marvel Comics universe, on a scale that has yet to be represented in the movies. Comic arcs like House of M have shown the character to wipe out the entire mutant population, while the biggest MCU event so far has been her accidental destruction of a building in Lagos .

WandaVision seems to be building to Wanda's destruction being taken to a whole new level for the MCU. As the series moves closer to the finale, it seems increasingly likely fans will discover exactly what happens when her Westview bubble inevitably pops , especially as Wanda clearly begins to lose her sanity.

The Elizabeth Olsen-led series has seen a noticeable change in tone every episode as the show progresses through eras, from the upbeat tone of the '50s , to the Halloween horror of the '90s . This is something that is seemingly being reflected right from the opening moments of the shown, as a fan has spotted.


@tfasteves on Twitter pointed out the progression of Wanda's tone between episodes as she says “Previously on WandaVision at the beginning of every episode.

As each era passes, the tone of voice of Olsen's Wanda loses its liveliness and grows more somber.


The most obvious explanation for this voice change is simply adjusting the tone to match the era of the episode. Sitcoms of the '50s were much more upbeat and light-hearted than the slightly more realistic tones of the '90s and modern-day.

However, it's entirely possible this may be done to indicate a deeper meaning. It's very clear nothing on WandaVision has been done by accident. Marvel has seemingly planted strings of clues all throughout the season as it builds towards its climax, hinting toward a greater evil influencing Westview. Fans have theorized this greater evil may well be Mephisto based on popular theories.

The gradual decline of Wanda's mental state has been very apparent through the show as well. As time has passed, it's clearly become more apparent to the Sokovian hero that this perfect world she's created isn't as real as she sees it. The character seems to be aware that her late husband, Vision, is still dead no matter which magical influences she may be using to resurrect him.

Evan Peters' new version of Pietro (Quicksilver) — who appeared in the latest episode — reminded Wanda of this by saying “It's not like your dead husband can die twice,” causing her to have an outburst of anger.

Director Matt Shakman and the rest of the creative team putting so much focus on the deterioration of Elizabeth Olsen's Wanda seems to be building to a bigger disaster down the line. The character has already been confirmed to appear in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, likely suggesting Wanda's actions could be those which open up the multiverse and thus requiring Strange's involvement.

"Episode 6" revealed Monica Rambeau's genetics were being modified by her contact with The Hex . The concluding moments of the '90s Halloween episode forced Wanda to expand her bubble to suck in even more people to save Vision as he attempted to escape Westview. With the Hex seemingly able to modify the genetics of those it sucks in, who knows what the resulting impact from the series could be.

More is sure to be revealed as WandaVision gets closer to its final episode, with the next chapter in the story set to release on Disney+ Friday, February 19.

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