WandaVision Video Reveals Family Dog, Sparky, Coming Soon To Marvel Series

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Sparky, Wanda

After WandaVision’s first two episodes premiered on Disney+ over the weekend, the MCU fandom jumped right back into the analysis game. After such a long delay from the end of Phase 3 to the start of Phase 4 in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Easter Eggs and clues for the future are revealing themselves at every turn.

In just over an hour of officially released footage to this point, teases have already been laid out for classic storylines coming to life, and others simply pay respect to the long history of the characters involved in the show. These Easter Eggs are also popping up in trailers for future episodes, including a recent one that indicates a classic member of the Wanda/Vision household.


In a recent WandaVision featurette from Marvel Entertainment, a doghouse is visible under Paul Bettany's Vision with a name plate that reads “Sparky.”

A glimpse of the dog can be seen at the 35-second mark of a recent trailer, seemingly confirming that the pup is, in fact, named Sparky in WandaVision.


The full video can be seen below:



This footage likely won’t come for a couple of weeks, but it’s yet another nod to Wanda and Vision’s classic comic story making its way into the MCU!

Sparky was created off the image of a neighbor’s deceased dog in order to help the couple feel more human, and that mission is clearly making its way into the MCU’s first Disney+ show. Sparky typically has the same power set as Vision, with the ability to fly and phase through walls, and it will be fun to see how these skills are shown through Marvel’s cinematic canine android.

This will likely be another creation of Wanda’s that she imagines out of thin air, similarly to the wedding rings in Episode 1 and the furniture changes in the Modern Family-inspired entry.  How Sparky will play into the family dynamic is still a mystery, especially considering that it’s unknown how real he will turn out to be.

No matter how it plays out, Marvel is going all in making sure Wanda and Vision’s story on screen pays tribute to their history in the pages of Marvel Comics. Episode 3 of WandaVision will premiere on Disney+ on Friday, January 22.

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