WandaVision Star Teases 'Big' MCU Elements In Upcoming Episodes

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Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is off to an incredible start thanks to the efforts of Marvel Studios' debut endeavor on Disney+, WandaVision . Every week is bringing unexpected reveals both inside and outside Wanda's Hex , and the team behind the show is finding ways to leave fans on the edge of their seat every time the "Please Stand By" card appears on screen.

With this first Disney+ show, Marvel Studios is already bringing regular success in connecting WandaVision to everything that came before it in the Infinity Saga. With plotlines such as Monica Rambeau coming into play years after her mother died in Captain Marvel and teasing Vision still being dead after Avengers: Infinity War , the MCU is not only continuing but thriving via this new form of storytelling on Disney's streaming service.

According to one of WandaVision's rising stars, that MCU feel is only set to keep up as the series ends.


In a recent interview with Collider , Teyonah Parris shared what she is most looking forward to in the remaining episodes of Marvel Studios' WandaVision . While hiding specific details, Parris hinted that "even more of the big MCU-ness" will be prevalent in the last three episodes.

"I mean, I'm looking forward to just more wonderful, awesome storytelling. I think the show and the creatives have done such a wonderful job giving us a show that's very grounded and intimate and still has those MCU elements. And I think there's even more of the big MCU-ness to come. And I'm excited for more of that."


Marvel CCO Kevin Feige, the mastermind behind the Avengers franchise, teased as far back as 2019 how interconnected the MCU's Disney+ series would be with the franchise's theatrical releases in Phase 4 and beyond. WandaVision is proving this statement to be true early on, even with most of the series happening in an alternate reality, and Parris' teases should mean something special in store as March 5 draws closer.

There are no signs pointing to what will come in the overarching plot of this series after Wanda expanded her Hex and sucked Darcy into the madness . Viewers know there is one more sitcom-based episode on the way with the Modern Family -inspired outing this week before the last two episodes take on the same MCU feel as "Episode 4."

Some intriguing moments from past trailers still haven't shown up yet, and there are characters that have been missing for a while such as Emma Caulfield's Dottie. There is also still the reported major MCU cameo set to come by the end of the season , which will undoubtedly bring cheers from fans no matter who it turns out to be.

The MCU will live on and thrive as WandaVision continues with Episode 7 on Friday, February 19, 2021 .

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