WandaVision: Dottie Actress Teases Return In Upcoming Episode

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Dottie, Emma Caulfield

WandaVision 's first, and possibly only, season has been filmed with mystery, intrigue, and thousands of fan theories across the World Wide Web. Most theories in recent weeks have been in response to Evan Peters' arrival as "Pietro" , SWORD's true intentions , and Monica Rambeau's possible superpowers .

However, one character that has been put on the back burner is neighbor and community leader Dottie Jones. Dottie played a major role in Episode 2, entitled "Don't Touch That Dial" but has hardly seen any screen time since then. Heading into the final three-episode stretch of WandaVision, it appears Dottie may finally make a return to the show.


WandaVision actress Emma Caulfield has teased the return of her character on Twitter . Caulfield asks the same question many fans have been wondering since she was last seen in Episode 3, "Where is #Dottie ?" Her question points to the possible return of this mysterious Westview resident in an upcoming episode.

Emma Caulfield as Dottie in an upcoming WandaVision episode.


Having seen a glimpse of Dottie during a TV spot for an upcoming episode, it's clear that the character will be returning for the final act of the show. Caulfield's tease on Twitter points to a possible return in this week's rumored Modern Family -style episode.

Like many characters in WandaVision, it seems there is more than meets the eye with the true identity of Dottie. Caulfield already has said "I'm just enjoying this no one knows who I am. I'm anonymous and not anonymous at the same time," indicating she will have a different real-world identity, similar to many others trapped in Wanda's Hex.

Rather than speculate on who Dottie truly is, the more pressing mystery is where she has been in recent weeks. Other residents like Agnes, Herb, and Norm have been shown throughout the season. Dottie had a chilling conversation with Wanda, saying she's heard things about her and Vision, and when assured her they don't mean any harm, Dottie replied coldly, " I don't believe you."

Now knowing about Wanda's incredible control over everyone in Westview, it is a possibility that Dottie was put to sleep or sent to the outskirts of the city where she would be left dormant. Maybe her disappearance in the show was a creative choice of Wanda's for the WandaVision show that Darcy Lewis has been binging in the SWORD facility.

On the other hand, perhaps Dottie's absence is a bit more villainous. There's always the chance she has gone in hiding to pull strings from behind the scenes, maybe even connected to the sudden Pietro appearance that left even Wanda in clear shock.

With three episodes left to go, these questions still remain: who exactly is Dottie, and where has she been the past three episodes? WandaVision 's seventh episode will premiere this Friday on Disney+, hopefully bringing answers to that mystery.

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