WandaVision Theory Suggests Dottie Is a Superpowered Witch, Too

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Emma Caufield as Dottie

WandaVision plays host to a lot of mysteries, and one of them is the identity of Emma Caufield's Dottie. The first MCU show under the Disney+ banner is off to an impressive inaugural season run on the small screen, largely due to the fact that it has been fueling fan theories like wildfire on social media.

This development isn't surprising, considering WandaVision is known for including a stockpile of subtle details that could lead to huge revelations down the line. A prime example is the big reveal that Kathryn Hahn's Agnes ended up being the MCU's Agatha Harkness , essentially proving numerous fan speculations correct along the way.

The next big puzzle is the true nature of Wanda's other neighbor, Dottie. The character was curiously sidelined midway through the season, but the Westview resident made a brief yet revealing return in “Episode 7.” While fans wait for the eventual confirmation of Dottie's true nature, the latest piece of evidence from an eagle-eyed viewer could shed some light on her presence in Westview.


Twitter user @visionsmaximxff revealed a WandaVision theory about the true identity of Emma Caufield's Dottie. The fan pointed out the colors of the flowers outside Dottie's house could be a major hint about her real-world MCU persona.

Marvel Studios’ WandaVision
Marvel Studios' WandaVision

The theory was based on the colors of the flowers outside Agatha and Wanda's respective houses, where the user uncovered that it resembled both characters' magical energy.

Marvel Studios’ WandaVision
Marvel Studios' WandaVision

The fan theorized that Dottie could end up playing Abigail Harkness due to the yellow energy that is tied to the character. In Marvel Comics, it was not confirmed that Abigail is a relative of Agatha, but the strong (and powerful) connection of the characters appears to suggest that the two are related.


Meanwhile, the user also speculated that Caufield could end up playing Squadron Supreme member Arcanna Jones, likely because of the character's “yellow powers” and relationship with WandaVision's Phil Jones.


Emma Caufield's involvement in WandaVision was a late confirmation ahead of the show's premiere, and the timing proved to be beneficial in many ways. Ever since the character's debut in “Episode 2” of the series, it was made clear that Dottie is a prominent figure in Westview, and it looks like her grand MCU reveal is in the works.

On the surface, this small detail could mean nothing, but it's worth pointing out that Dottie's brief inclusion in the previous episode could hint that the character is a significant piece of the WandaVision puzzle. Based on the speculation above, the two characters that are mentioned present different possibilities, but it all ties to one thing — more magic.

If Dottie is revealed to be Abigail Harkness, this spells trouble for Wanda and the rest of Westview. Now that everyone knows that Agatha is running the show, adding another Harkness into the fold could mean that trapping the residents of the suburban town is part of a grand family scheme, with the Scarlet Witch being at the center of it all.

Marvel Studios’ WandaVision
Marvel Studios' WandaVision

Interestingly, there was a storyline in the comics where Abigail cast a bolt of fire to burn down an entire town to ultimately reveal that she is a witch. Not much is known if this will play a part in Agatha's nefarious plans, but the Dottie's approach in sending a message to Wanda upon meeting her should be a cause for concern for Westview.

On the flip side, Caufield playing Arcanna Jones could be the show's additional connection to the multiverse. In the comics , Jones exhibits magical powers, controlling natural forces and casting fire bolts (similar to Abigail Harkness, actually).

If Dottie is indeed Arcanna, then this adds more proof that the Nexus of realities, a concept that was heavily teased in “Episode 7,” could be central to the show's conflict. It's possible that Agatha plucked several magical beings in the plane of reality, and this Squadron Supreme member could serve as one of the prisoners that Agatha entrapped.

It's also worth mentioning that Caufield's casting needed the approval of Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige, which adds more credence that the actress is playing a powerful character.

Overall, Dottie's impact on the larger MCU presents various interesting possibilities, and it will be most intriguing to find out if these WandaVision theories are true once it's all said and done.

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