When Will Tracker Episode 14 Release?

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Tracker fans have their eyes out for when the series' fourteenth episode will be released on CBS.

Episode 13 of the new hit series premiered on CBS on May 19, continuing the story of survivalist Colter Shaw. That episode saw the leading character track down a girl whose mother (Lizzie) was an old family friend, learning that Lizzie and his father were having an affair as the season came to an end.

SSeason 1 ran from February 2024 to May 2024 after long strikes for Hollywood's writers and actors' guilds throughout Summer 2023, leaving many curious about how long Tracker would run upon its debut.

Release Update for Tracker Episode 14

Jennifer Morrison as Lizzy and Justin Hartley as Colter Shaw in Tracker season 1

Following the release of Tracker Episode 13 (the Season 1 finale) on May 19, Episode 14 does not have an officially confirmed release date.

Thankfully, that episode will be the season premiere of Tracker Season 2, which star Justin Hartley confirmed would come as part of CBS' slate of shows premiering this Fall in a new promo.

When Will Tracker Episode 14 Premiere?

After 2024's greater TV schedule was thrown out of whack due to the writers' and actors' strikes midway through 2023, fans should expect programming and scheduling to return to normal for the 2024-2025 season.

For CBS shows specifically, Fall Sunday night series began airing episodes in late September or early October (in years not affected by the strikes or the COVID-19 pandemic).

Taking that into account, Tracker Episode 14 (better known as Season 2, Episode 1) should be set to arrive on CBS in that timeframe now that Season 2 is confirmed for development.

Barring any unforeseen issues, the new season should have something close to a 22-episode slate the way network TV shows usually do, giving Justin Hartley and company a much longer and deeper story next year.

Tracker Season 1 is now streaming in full on Paramount+.

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