Sofia Pernas' Tracker Role & Future on the Show Explained

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Sofia Pernas as Billie in Tracker

Sofia Pernas made a stunning debut as Billie Matalon in Tracker Episode 6. 

Pernas is best known for her roles in several TV shows such as Marine First Lieutenant Gabriela Flores in NCIS, Catalina in Jane the Virgin, and Lexi Vaziri in Blood & Treasure.

Sofia Pernas is also married to Tracker lead star Justin Hartley, making her appearance in the CBS show's latest installment interesting. 

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Who Is Sofia Pernas' Character in Tracker Episode 6?

Sofia Pernas as Billie Matalon
Sofia Pernas

Sofia Pernas plays Colter Shaw's fiercest rival and a fellow reward seeker named Billie Matalon. 

In Episode 6, Billie is also working on the same case as Colter: to find a missing racehorse named Argo ahead of the Kentucky Derby qualifying race. 

The reward for finding the horse is a whopping $250,000, which is why Billie and Colter are trying to outmaneuver each other to win the money. 

Tracker's latest installment confirmed that Colter and Billie worked together in the past, but the latter betrayed the former, leading to a harsh falling out. 

In an interview with Parade, Sofia Pernas explained what happened to Colter and Billie in the past, pointing out that her character "screwed him out of reward money:"

"I kind of screwed him out of reward money. I skipped town. We were supposed to be two heads on one job and I pulled the rug out, but I think this episode is sort of her way of…Well, I mean, they bump into each other, but I played it like maybe she planned bumping [into him], like, 'I’m bored and I want to have fun.' I think what unfolds is really unexpected for her."

Despite their animosity, Colter and Billie decided to work together again as a team to finish the job quickly. 

The duo looked good working together and their chemistry was top-notch, leading to a successful mission of finding Argo. 

Will Sofia Pernas' Billie Appear in Future Tracker Episodes?

At the end of Tracker Episode 6, Billie turns down Colter's proposal to have dinner since she still has a job to finish in Austin, Texas. 

Still, the ending teased that Sofia Pernas' Billie might make more appearances down the line, especially after she asks Colter for a rain check on his proposed date. 

Given that Pernas is Justin Hartley's real-life wife, it would be easier to ask her for another appearance as Bille. 

Speaking with People, the actress confirmed that her character will return in Season 2 of the hit CBS series, noting, "There’s too much stuff Colter has to address before we go into the Billie of it all, I think.”

One of the storylines that need to be addressed before moving on to Billie is Colter's looming romance with his associate, Reenie (Fiona Rene). 

When asked in the same interview with Parade about a possible love triangle between Reenie, Billie, and Colter, Pernas doesn't think that it's a possibility due to the nature of his job: 

"I don’t think so because of what he does. I mean, imagine the kind of girl who’s like, 'Yeah, I’ll live in your trailer.' I’m sure there are some women out there, but the ones he would like are all quite strong-willed."

Pernas said that she doesn't think that there are women who are willing to give up their careers to live in Colter's trailer, pointing out that she sees Colter as a lone wolf:  

"He goes for women that have something going on, that are very intelligent and that are quite indomitable women in their own way. The double-edged sword of that is that I don’t know how willing these women would be to give up their careers to trailer with him around the nation. He’s married to the lone wolf status, for the foreseeable future anyway."

While a romance isn't in the cards (for now) for Colter, a future team-up with Billie is something fans can look forward to in Tracker Season 2.

Tracker Episode 6 is now streaming on Paramount+

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