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Justin Hartley and Fiona Rene in Tracker series

NCIS and Jane the Virgin alum Sofia Pernas has joined the cast of Tracker Episode 6. 

Episode 6, "Lexington," features an unexpected team-up as Colter Shaw finds himself in an unusual alliance with his rival, Billie Matalon (Sofia Pernas), as they set out to find a missing racehorse.

Tracker Episode 6 premiered on CBS on March 24.

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Every Main Cast Member of Tracker Episode 6

Justin Hartley - Colter Shaw

Justin Hartley as Colter Shaw
Justin Hartley

Justin Hartley reprises his role as Colter Shaw, a rewards seeker and a reliable tracker/survivalist, in Episode 6. 

In the latest installment, Colter finds himself in fierce competition with his longtime rival and former lover, Billie Matalon, as they both work on the same case together. 

At the center of the case of the week is a racehorse named Argo that has gone missing and there is a $250,000 reward to anyone who can find it ahead of the Kentucky Derby qualifier. 

This Is Us fans may recognize Justin Hartley for his role as Kevin Pearson in the series. The actor also has credits in Smallville and Revenge.

Robin Weigert - Teddi Bruin

Robin Weigert as Teddi Bruin
Robin Weigert

Robin Weigert reprises her role as Teddi Bruin, Colter's friend and reliable assistant working behind the scenes to get him notable jobs. 

In Episode 6, Teddi is surprised by the fact that Colter had a run-in with Billie and her task involves tracking down all known information about a man named Redford James. 

Weigert is known for her roles in The Sessions, The Good German, and American Horror Story

Abby McEnany - Velma Bruin

Abby McEnany as Velma Bruin
Abby McEnany 

Velma Bruin (played by Abby McEnany) is another one of Colter's associates and Teddi's wife. 

Velma is not a fan of Colter and Billie's partnership in Episode 6, reminding her friend that his rival left him during a previous case. 

McEnany's notable credits include Roomies, Brown Girl Problems, and Work in Progress

Eric Graise - Bobby Exley

Eric Graise as Bobby Exley
Eric Graise

Eric Graise stars as Bobby Exley, Colter's good friend and trusted hacker whom he asks for help during his cases. 

After being absent in Episode 5, Bobby returns in the latest installment to help Colter and Bille track down a man named Dan Flynn, whom they later found out to be dead. 

Graise can be seen in Locke & Key, Queer as Folk, and The Tomorrow War.

Sofia Pernas - Billie Matalon

Sofia Pernas as Billie
Sofia Pernas

Sofia Pernas, who is also Justin Hartley's real-life wife, guest stars as Billie Matalon in Tracker Episode 6. 

Billie's shared romantic past and rivalry with Colter Shaw are pushed to the forefront in Episode 6 as the two friends-turned-allies desperately work together to find Argo while also protecting each other from dangerous enemies.

Billie embraces the idea of beating Colter for the $250,000 reward money. 

Pernas' most recognizable role is playing Lexi Vaziri in Blood & Treasure. The actress also appeared in Quantum Leap, NCIS, and Operation Rogue.

Peter Oldring - Hugh Lazlo 

Peter Oldring as Hugh Lazlo
Peter Oldring

Hugh Lazlo is Argo's (the missing horse) owner who desperately asks for help to find his missing racehorse ahead of the Kentucky Derby qualifier. The character is played on-screen by Peter Oldring. 

In Episode 6, Hugh is responsible for Argo's day-to-day care and he co-owns the horse with his ex-wife, Tina. 

Oldring is known for his roles in 9-1-1 Lone Star, American Crime Story, and Blindspot.

Michelle Morgan - Tina Lazlo 

Michelle Morgan as Tina Lazlo
Michelle Morgan

Michelle Morgan brings Tina Lazlo to life in Tracker Episode 6. 

Tina is Hugh's ex-wife and Redford James' girlfriend who believes that her ex-husband is suspecting her to be responsible for Argo's disappearance. 

Morgan is best known for playing Samantha Louise Fleming in over 200 episodes of Heartland. The actress can also be seen in Diary of the Dead, Stargate: Atlantis, and Batwoman

Kevin Mundy - Redford James

Kevin Mundy as Redford James
Kevin Mundy

Kevin Mundy appears in Episode 6 as Redford James. 

Redford is Tina's current boyfriend who is revealed to be the owner of another horse named The Gates of Hell, aka Argo's fellow competitor in the Kentucky Derby qualifier. 

Redford is also the host of the black-tie gala that Colter and Billie attend in the episode. 

Mundy has credits in Cruel Summer, Fire Country, and The Wedding Veil Expectations.

Joe Costa - Dr. Glenn

Joe Costa as Dr. Glenn
Joe Costa

Joe Costa joins the cast of Tracker as Dr. Glenn. 

Dr. Glenn, Argo's veterinarian, is interrogated by Colter and Billie to find out if he knows anything about the horse's disappearance. 

Costa has over 40 credits to his name, with appearances in Colossal, Love Hard, Fresh, and Dangerous Lies.

Peter New - Stuart Tyler

Peter New as Stuart Tyler
Peter New

Peter New is part of the cast as Stuart Tyler, one of Argo's co-owners.

Stuart is the suspect responsible for stealing Argo and the man who killed Dan Flynn after claiming that he turned on him at the last minute. He also paid a large amount of money to Dr. Glenn to inject Argo with steroids. 

New's notable credits include The Triple Eight, Creepshow, and School Spirits.

Jeremiah Oh - Kenji Tomine

Jeremiah Oh as Kenji
Jeremiah Oh

Kenji Tomine is Argo's majority owner whom Colter meets during the Lexington Gala while investigating the horse's disappearance. The character is played by Jeremiah Oh. 

Oh's most recognizable roles are playing Ken Nakamaru in Five Days at Memorial, Alex Scott in Arrow, and Dan Jackson in The Good Doctor.

New episodes of Tracker premiere every Sunday at 9 p.m. ET on CBS and stream the next day on Paramount+.

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