Who Is Fiona Rene? 5 Things to Know About Tracker Actress

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Tracker Fiona Rene

Actress Fiona Rene plays Reenie Green, one of the main stars of the TV series, Tracker

Hailing from Shawnee, Oklahoma, the 36-year-old actress appeared in various television shows, including I Know What You Did Last Summer and Fire Country, and created her own acting workshop, before landing her latest CBS role. 

Tracker Episode 10 premiered on CBS on April 28.

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5 Things to Know About Tracker's Fiona Rene

Fiona Rene in Tracker CBS

Fiona Rene Studied at Oklahoma Baptist University

When asked about her childhood in an interview with Edward Sylvan, Fiona Rene recounted how she had to "constantly adapt and transition" due to her family moving regularly while growing up:

"THANK YOU!! Kind of a loaded gun, haha! I grew up having to constantly adapt and transition to new environments and communities. My parents and I moved every year to many different cities in Oklahoma, Michigan, Texas, California, Pennsylvania, but to this day I call Shawnee, OK 'Homebase'.”

Fiona's first step to gaining her "Homebase" occurred when she was thirteen and her family moved to Texas. 

After graduating from high school at sixteen, she attended Austin Community College and then Oklahoma Baptist University in Shawnee. 

But interestingly enough, all the changes in Fiona's life ultimately led her to her acting career. 

In talking with TV Meg, she explained how she's been performing "since I was a kid" as acting was "the thing that was consistent in my life:"

"I’ve been doing it ever since I was a kid, and I moved around a lot when I was younger. Every year we moved, so it was kind of difficult to make friends, and acting was always the thing that was consistent in my life that made me feel like I could have fun and play without being super nervous or scared all the time."

Fiona Worked With a Real Police Chief for I Know What You Did Last Summer

In the early days of Fiona's career, she appeared in shorts and lent her voice acting talent to video games, including The Invisible Hours, before appearing in Jane the Virgin, Grey's Anatomy, and NCIS Hawai'i

In 2021, she landed the role of Lyla, a police chief, in I Know What You Did Last Summer where she told The List how she "had my own police liaison" to give her "the ins and outs:"

"Yes. Oh, I was so lucky I had my own. I won't name names, but I had my own police liaison. She's a retired police chief. So she really gave me the down low on like the ins and outs of how the department works, how I would climb the ladder as someone my age, becoming a police chief, it's very rare."

The Tracker actress also shared that, even though the show was "this fantasy murder world," she did her homework:

"I feel like I did hella amounts of research about the month up into us shooting to really make sure I dug my toes into that as much as I could and I did justice to the realism on the island, even though we're living in such kind of like this fantasy murder world. I still tried to do my part."

Fiona Was Almost Only a Guest Star on Tracker

In Tracker, Fiona Rene's character Reenie Green is an attorney and one of the show's recurring characters who works with Justin Hartley's Colton Shaw on various legal matters.

But it wasn't always that way. 

In an interview with Crazy Ant Media, she revealed her role was initially, "a possible recurring guest star:"

"At the time, the role was a possible recurring guest star and I just had two scenes in the pilot. They were thinking my character would return maybe a couple more times throughout the season. But she wasn't written in the books nor the original idea of the show as someone who's there all the time."

It was only after the pilot that Tracker's director and producer Ken Olin told Fiona, "We really like your character" and turned her into "a series regular:"

"After we shot the pilot and before we even knew whether or not we were going to get a full season, Ken [Olin] reached out to me and he was like 'Hey, we really like your character and chemistry with Justin. We're trying to move some stuff around.' And then she turned into a series regular."

Fiona Ran a Workshop for Acting in Gaming, VR, & More

In addition to being a working actress, Fiona Rene is also known for her acting workshops, "Method for Being: Acting in Immersive Environments," which teaches actors about working in different mediums like VR, video games, and more. 

According to TV Meg, Rene's history with haunted houses led her to create "Method For Being" which explores the commonalities between various mediums, including stage, screen, motion capture, VR, and AR, as well as creative processes like linear, open world, and multiverse storylines. 

Her clients vary from private and public schools to ABC/Disney.

In discussing her workshops, Rene explained there are many different ways to experience storytelling today and the technical differences between those mediums can "affect their [actors] character performance:"

"You can get a job doing virtual reality, augmented reality, TV, and there are lots of technical difficulties and differences between these mediums, but there’s not a lot of difference between character preparation, and a lot of actors can get thrown off with the technical differences that they let those technicalities affect their character performance."

Therefore, Method for Being is a means to help performers define their character and "put those into any medium, no matter the technical difference:"

"So, Method for Being is really about helping you define your character, helping you define your role, what those differences are, and how to put those into any medium, no matter the technical difference."

Fiona Is Inspired by Jennifer Lawrence

When asked by TV Meg about her acting inspirations, Fiona responded, saying, "Jennifer Lawrence" because she "inspired me to know that I can kind of just be myself:"

"Oh gosh. Yes. I think, you know, this might be a little on the nose, but JLaw, Jennifer Lawrence, when she came out, and she made such big waves, it really inspired me to know that I can kind of just be myself: sarcastic, I don’t have to be in the best mood all the time, I don’t have to put on a face all the time, I can be curvy, like, there’s lots of lots of inspiration that I got from her."

JLaw isn't her only inspiration, however.

As for which celebrity she would like to have lunch with, Fiona answered Edward Sylvan, saying, "Jim Carrey:"

"No question…JIM CARREY! I’ve not only resonated with his work my entire life, but when everyone gave him so much s*** about sounding crazy I was like, 'Oh I see you, Jim.'"

How To Follow Fiona Rene Online

For more updates about actress Fiona Rene, fans can follow her on Instagram (@fionarene).

Tracker is streaming now on Paramount+.

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