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Tracker Justin Hartley

Tracker's Season 1 finale (Episode 13) features a This Is Us reunion between former cast members Justin Hartley and Jennifer Morrison. 

Episode 13, "The Storm," sees Colter trying to track down two missing storm chasers in Oregon. One of the victims is the daughter of his old family friend, Lizzy Hawking (Jennifer Morrison). 

Tracker Episode 13 premiered on CBS on May 19. 

Every Main Cast Member of Tracker Episode 13

Justin Hartley - Colter Shaw

Justin Hartley as Colter Shaw in Tracker Episode 13
Justin Hartley

Justin Hartley leads the cast of Tracker Episode 13 as Colter Shaw, a renowned rewardist known for his skills in finding missing persons. 

Colter's mission in the season finale is special since one of the victims, Katie, whom he is trying to find is connected to his longtime family friend. 

Colter uses his unique skill set to unpack what really happened to Katie and her boyfriend (who are a couple of storm chasers) before they disappeared. 

Hartley has over 40 credits to his name, with roles as Kevin Pearson in This Is Us, Oliver Queen in Smallville, and Patrick Osbourne in Revenge

Jennifer Morrison - Lizzy Hawking

Jennifer Morrison as Lizzy Hawking in Tracker Episode 13
Jennifer Morrison

Jennifer Morrison reunites with Justin Hartley in Tracker Episode 13 to play Lizzy Hawking, a longtime family friend of Colter's who desperately needs his help to find her daughter. 

Lizzy works side-by-side with Colter to find Katie and her boyfriend, with her even forcing him to work on the mission for a reward of $5,000. She also tells Colter about a crucial detail regarding his father's death. 

Morrison played Cassidy Sharp in This Is Us, Emma Swan in Once Upon a Time, and Dr. Allison Cameron in House.

Jenna Burgess - Katie Hawking

Jenna Burgess as Katie Hawking in Tracker Episode 13
Jenna Burgess

Jenna Burgess joins the cast of Episode 13 as Katie Hawking, Lizzy's daughter who goes missing. 

Katie is an amateur storm chaser and a known risk taker alongside her boyfriend.  She went missing after their boat crashed due to a storm. 

Burgess' most recognizable role is playing the teen version of Melissa in Yellowjackets. The actress also appeared in The Night Agent and Lies Between Friends.

Ivursyn Matthews - Dylan Fisher

Ivursyn Matthews as Dylan Fisher in Tracker Episode 13
Ivursyn Matthews

Ivursyn Matthews is part of the season finale's cast as Dylan Fisher, Lizzy's boyfriend who also went missing due to the storm. 

Tracker is Matthews' only major acting credit.

Eric Graise - Bobby Exley

Eric Graise as Bobby Exley in Tracker Episode 13
Eric Graise

Eric Graise is back as Bobby Exley, Colter's ally and a resident hacker who helps him during missions. 

In Episode 13, Bobby assists Colter in analyzing Katie's last radio contact to find out what really happened to them. 

Graise can be seen in Locke & Key, Queer as Folk, and The Tomorrow War.

Fiona Rene - Reenie

Fiona Rene as Reenie in Tracker Episode 13
Fiona Rene

Fiona Rene's Reenie (Colter's lawyer friend) appears in Episode 13 to let Colter know that she has quit her job as an attorney while also updating him about her lead regarding Russell Shaw's (Jensen Ackles) whereabouts. 

Rene is best known for her roles as Detective Kara Lee in Stumptown, Rebecca Lee in Fire Country, and Lyla in I Know What You Did Last Summer.

Michelle Creber - Rachel

Michelle Creber as Rachel in Tracker Episode 13
Michelle Creber

Michelle Creber plays Rachel, the third member of Katie and Dylan's storm-chasing team who helps Colter and Lizzy in their investigation surrounding the pair's disappearance. 

Rachel is instrumental in giving Colter a recording of her friend's last radio contact, allowing him to give it to Bobby for further analysis.

Creber is known for her roles in Yellowjackets, A Million Little Things, and Making Waves.

Todd Thomson - Sheriff Woods

Todd Thomson as Sheriff Woods in Tracker Episode 13
Todd Thomson

Sheriff Woods (played by Todd Thomson) is the one who initially spearheads the investigation into Katie and Dylan's disappearance. 

When Colter points out that murder might be in the cards after discovering Dylan's dead body, Sheriff Woods reminds him to not jump to conclusions.

It is later revealed that he is one of the culprits responsible for Katie's abduction. 

Thomson can be seen in Blade: The Series, Fifty Shades Freed, and Supernatural.

Jason Diaz - Deputy Kelman

Jason Diaz as Deputy Kelman in Tracker Episode 13
Jason Diaz

Deputy Kelman works alongside Sheriff Woods during the investigation. The character is played on-screen by Jason Diaz. 

Kelman helps Colter learn more about the events that transpired before Katie and Dylan's disappearance, revealing that the pair got into a fight with the Sampson brothers. 

Diaz previously starred in The 100, Charmed, and The Bold Type.

Lachlan Quarmby - Bo Sampson

Lachlan Quarmby as Bo Sampson in Tracker Episode 13
Lachlan Quarmby

Lachlan Quarmby portrays Bo Sampson, the individual who got into a fight with Katie days before her disappearance. 

Bo is later revealed to be threatening Colter with a gun after he catches him spying on his brother. He also reveals that he was supposed to kill Katie, but he couldn't do it since he was afraid of killing her. 

Quarmby's notable credits include The Watchful Eye, Allegiance, and Firefly Lane.

Michael Benyaer - Vince Talbott

Michael Benyaer as Vince Talbott in Tracker Episode 13
Michael Benyaer

Michael Benyaer joins the world of Tracker as Vince Talbott. 

Vince is a rich business magnate who throws parties during the summer that are secretly drug trade events. 

He is responsible for killing a young girl named Haley Thomas whom Katie and Dylan eventually find out. This is the reason why Talbott sent the Sampson Brothers to kill the pair. 

Benyaer has over 160 credits to his name, with appearances in The Expanse, Wild Cards, and Record of Ragnarok

Simon Arblaster - Xavier Sampson

Simon Arblaster as Xavier Sampson in Tracker Episode 13
Simon Arblaster

Simon Arblaster plays Xavier Sampson, Bo's brother and a ruthless killer who is responsible for Dylan's death. 

Arblaster previously starred in Reginald the Vampire, A Love Yarn, and Invasion.

Abby McEnany - Velma Bruin

Abby McEnany as Velma Bruin in Tracker Episode 13
Abby McEnany

Abby McEnany returns to play Velma Bruin, one of Colter's assistants who is responsible for finding jobs for him across the United States. 

In the season finale, Velma appears alongside her wife, Teddi, to inform Colter about a new job, but he tells them that he is already busy helping Lizzy with a new case. 

McEnany previously appeared in Work in Progress, Roomies, and Brown Girl Problems.

All episodes of Tracker Season 1 are available to stream on Paramount+.

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