The Boys: Sister Sage's Lobotomy Orbitoclast Tool Theory Explained

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The Boys Season 4, Episode 3 showcased Sister Sage using a mysterious lobotomy orboclast tool but never offered a clear explanation as to why—so here’s a theory.

Susan Heyward’s Sister Sage is one of the newest members of The Seven and a newfound confidant of Homelander himself. Sage’s powers make her the smartest person on the planet, making the supe formidable in her unique ways.

But given how smart she is, many fans are wondering why she would feel the need to use a lobotomy tool on herself.

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Sister Sage and Her Casual Lobotomy

The third episode of The Boys Season 4 saw Susan Heyward’s Sister Sage in a new place involving a lobotomy orboclast tool.

The scene starts with Sage chilling on the couch, unwinding as she watches reality TV and eats a Bloomin' Onion from Outback Steakhouse. Chase Crawford‘s The Deep then walks in, clearly with intent to confront Sage.

Sister Sage in The Boys Season 4

Before he can get very far in his spiel, he notices the onions and asks for some. The Deep, being The Deep, very quickly loses his resolve and starts to loosen up with Sage—who already feels different from her usual self.

The Deep in The Boys Season 4

Not paying attention to what he has to say, Sage asks him if he wants to watch Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (AKA the one with the racist robots). While he’s game, she seems to gain a liking for something else as Sage starts to come onto her dumb fellow teammate.

The Deep and Sister Sage in The Boys Season 4

As the two start getting handsy, the camera pans down to the table to reveal a lobotomy orboclast tool.

The Boys Season 4

For those wondering what that tool does, it is the key instrument in performing a transorbital lobotomy—which sees the tool driven through the back of the eye socket (under the upper eyelid) and into the brain. 

This would sever the connection between the frontal lobe and thalamus, which would sometimes result in patients becoming calmer.

As one might expect given its brutal and imprecise nature, the procedure is hardly ever utilized in today's world.

But why would the world's smartest person want to use one on herself?

Why Would Sister Sage Lobotomize Herself?

The leading theory as to why Sister Sage would use a lobotomy orboclast tool on herself a nihilistic one, but a perfectly fitting reason for a pessimistic world like The Boys.

Simply put, she likely wanted to turn her brain off. Being the smartest person in the world is not easy, and she probably only has rare moments where her brain gets to rest.

Watching a woman get lasered right in front of her face earlier that day likely put her on edge. After that who's to say Homelander would not do that to her if he chooses to throw a tantrum (which he does quite often)?

As for whether the damage of the lobotomy is permanent, the answer is probably not. Being a supe, she could potentially have some form of regenerative powers.

However, might not be blessed with those powers, meaning she deliberately chose to remove herself from Homelander’s toolbox. The smartest person in the world may have concluded that there was no pleasing Homelander—something one might think she would have realized sooner.

If Sage is permanently dumber, her character might not last much longer in the series. It's hard to imagine Homelander having any patience once he finds out what she's done.

A development like that might be disappointing for some, as many were already theorizing that Sage might secretly be playing the long game against Homelander and would eventually land with The Boys. But that’s not an outcome that seemingly fits in with a permanent lobotomy.

The Boys Season 4 is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

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