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Cameron Crovetti as Ryan in The Boys, The Deep, Queen Maeve, Homelander, Black Noir

Cameron Crovetti has appeared as Ryan Butcher on The Boys ever since its second season in 2020.

The Boys explores the idea of what would happen if superheroes existed but were mostly all huge jerks. Worse yet, these immensely powerful individuals are controlled by a multibillion-dollar corporation (Read all about the cast and characters of The Boys Season 4 here).

The series has been a considerable success for Amazon Prime Video and even spawned a spin-off, Gen V, which centers around teenage, would-be heroes attending school and has enjoyed similar acclaim to that of its parent program.

Meet Cameron Crovetti - Bio Details

Cameron Crovetti and Antony Starr in The Boys
The Boys

Cameron Crovetti's Family Got Him Into Acting

16-year-old Cameron Crovetti seemed destined for the world of acting.

According to an interview with the young star with Pop Culturalist, Crovetti's "entire family is in the business" including his mother and father: 

"Well, I have always loved films. As soon as I could read and write, I was writing short stories and scripts. My entire family is in the business; my dad is a writer and producer and my mom was an actress and talent manager, but it wasn't until I went to visit my sister on the set of her first series regular role that I was hooked."

Crovetti loved visiting his family on the set of their projects, which led to him "begging" his mother for permission to start acting himself:

"I loved the energy on set and how my sister got to pretend all day. My brother and I begged my mom for several years to start acting. She waited until she thought we were emotionally mature enough and understood the process before she started letting us audition."

Cameron Has a Twin Brother

Cameron Crovetti has an identical twin brother by the name of Nicholas Crovetti who is also an actor.

Together, the pair have appeared in the popular HBO drama Big Little Lies, the horror movie Goodnight Mommy, and the Bill Skarsgård-led action flick Boy Kills World.

The twins spoke to ScreenRant in 2022 about their roles in Goodnight Mommy. When asked how their brotherly dynamic helped them to better portray their characters, Cameron Crovetti noted that it feels "more comfortable" working opposite a sibling:

"I guess it just feels more comfortable and more real because we're brothers. So doing some of the more tense scenes just feels easier with someone you've known for your whole life."

Cameron Loves Working With Antony Starr on the Boys

In The Boys, Crovetti plays Ryan Butcher, the illegitimate son of the fascist superhero Homelander, who is brought to life by actor Antony Starr. Naturally, the two performers have shared a healthy amount of screen time in the series.

In Crovetti’s own words (via CBR), "Antony is amazing to work with" and even encouraged him to do a little ad-libbing while on set:

"Antony is amazing to work with. He is a ton of fun and so funny. He was always making me laugh. The scene when we were on the roof, we riffed a little on our lines and I think that scene came out amazing. I love that he encouraged that in me. He is really an amazing actor and riveting to watch on set."

Crovetti also worked closely with Shantel VanSanten who played Ryan's mother Becca in The Boys' first two seasons. The two actors "bonded… right away" with Crovetti making special note of VanSanten's "maternal side:"

"I bonded with Shantel right away; the first day I met her was at our costume fitting. She has such a maternal side to her, it was easy to feel so much for her immediately."

Cameron Almost Competed in the Olympics

Had he pursued a different path, Cameron Crovetti could have been an Olympic-level athlete. He was a competitive gymnast before his acting career took off, as he explained to Pop Culturalist: 

"I was a competitive gymnast and on track to maybe one day go to the P&G's or Olympics, but acting has kept me really busy, so I had to put that aside."

When questioned on what superhero character he would like the opportunity to play, Cameron Crovetti’s answer was simple: Everyone's favorite Friendly Neighborhood Web-Slinger, Spider-Man, because of his trademark acrobatics:

"I would love to play Spider-Man just because when I’m not working I am on a competitive gymnastics team. I know Tom [Holland] gets to do a lot of his own stunts and he was also a gymnast. That would be fun for me to combine the two."

But if Crovetti had his druthers, he would jump at the chance to breathe life into an "evil superhero," an aspiration perhaps influenced by his time on The Boys:

"But I love playing misunderstood 'evil' characters. So I would love to play an evil superhero."

Cameron Wants To Be a Director

Ultimately, Cameron Crovetti has his sights set on the director’s chair (via Business Insider). The teen possesses a desire for the ability to "tell the entire story," which acting does not always necessarily allow for:

"I would love to be a director one day. As an actor, I love telling the story through the eyes of my character, but being a director I would get the chance to tell the entire story."

But in the world of acting, he has ambitions of appearing in a major franchise where he could play the same character throughout several installments:

"As an actor, I would love to be in a film franchise like 'Harry Potter.' I love the idea of being in a film that has several films and I get to play with the character for a long time. Plus, the idea of being in a film that is magical would be a fun world to play in."

How To Follow Cameron Online

For those who wish to catch up on the continuing adventures of Cameron Crovetti, he can be found on Instagram at the handle @cameroncrovetti.

The Boys’ fourth season premiered on Thursday, June 13 at midnight. ET on Amazon Prime Video.

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