The Boys Season 4's Shapeshifter Supe Explained: Who Is the 'Mystery Man'?

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Annie January as Starlight

Here’s who that 'mystery man' is that Mother’s Milk (MM) refers to in The Boys Season 4, Episode 7 and what it means that they are a shapeshifter.

For those keeping up with Season 4, both Homelander (Antony Starr) and Victoria Neuman (Claudia Doumit) are currently orchestrating the assassination of Jim Beaver's Robert Singer, President-elect. Carrying out his death will put Neuman, a deadly Supe, in the highest possible seat of power in the United States.

Vought and Homelander’s idea, as talked about by Laz Alonso’s MM, revolves around having a mystery man, “Harley Lee Oswald” Robert Singer (a reference to the person who killed President John F. Kennedy).

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The Boys' Shapeshifter Mystery Breakdown

Shapeshifter and Annie in The Boys Season 4
The Boys

The mission that Annie (Erin Moriarty), Hughie (Jack Quaid), and Butcher (Karl Urban) are sent on by Laz Alonso's Mother’s Milk in The Boys Season 4, Episode 7 is based on the information given to him by A-Train (Jessie T. Usher).

The speedster saw Susan Heyward's Sister Sage talk to a mystery man who A-Train claims is the person Homelander and Sage plan to have shoot Robert Singer, clearing the way for Victoria Neuman to become president. Even when the episode ends, no proper name is given to them.

This leads the trio to the mystery man’s apartment, where they find government documents, blueprints, and plans. This confirms that this is the person tasked with killing the President-elect.

However, the team doesn't find a man in the apartment. Instead, they come across a woman who seems in distress.

They quickly figure out it’s a ruse and that this person is a Supe shapeshifter; the person tasked with assassinating Singer can be anyone.

The mission becomes even more dire and personal. In the final moments of the episode, Annie, aka Starlight, is taken hostage and swapped out by this new shapeshifter. To the wider world, in a hypothetical timeline where things go terribly wrong, it will look like Annie murdered the President-elect.

What Does This Shapeshifter Mean for The Boys Season 4?

One thing is sure: Hughie Campbell is not having a great time this season. First, his dad dies, then Hughie gets sexually assaulted by his childhood hero, and now, his girlfriend has been swapped by a murderous shapeshifter.

Nonetheless, the idea of the assassin being a shapeshifter is brilliant—which makes sense since it came from the mind of Sister Sage.

This isn't the first shapeshifting Supe audiences have seen on The Boys. The first was Doppelganger, played by Dan Darin-Zanco.

The character appeared in Season 1, where he helped Grace Mallory blackmail government officials. In Season 2, he turned into the late Madelyn Stillwell as part of a perverse agreement with Homelander, which eventually led to his murder by Antony Starr's psychotic Supe.

Taking over Starlight’s identity is a good move on paper for Team Homelander; however, it's hard to imagine it not taking long for The Boys to realize something is amiss.

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