The Boys: Firecracker's Secret Metoclopramide Explained

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After the latest episode of Amazon Prime Video's The Boys, the biggest questions are about Firecracker's secret metoclopramide prescription.

Firecracker lived up to her superhero moniker immediately after her addition to The Boys' cast, spouting off political conspiracy theories and booking a first-class ticket to the Homelander bandwagon.

Episode 4 even saw her exert a new level of influence with her Vought-sponsored talk show, The Truthbomb with Firecracker. However, the fireworks surrounding this new character were not good for her.

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What Is Metoclopramide on The Boys?

Warning - The rest of this article contains spoilers for The Boys Season 4, Episode 4.

Season 4, Episode 4 of The Boys revealed two dark secrets centered on Valorie Curry's Firecracker.

It's first revealed to audiences that Firecracker and Vought have attempted to cover up her secret sexual interaction with a 15-year-old camp counselor at the Capes for Christ bible camp when she was 28 years old. 

After Butcher and Mother's Milk attempt to blackmail Firecracker by threatening to publicize this secret, she appears on her new show on Vought News Network, The Truthbomb with Firecracker, to apologize for her "inappropriate relations with a sweet young man." The supe proclaims that these sins have been washed away by God, and her core fans appear to wholly accept this faux apology.

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During the live airing of the show, Tomer Capone's Frenchie sneaks into Firecracker's trailer for dirt on her. While going through her things, he finds a bottle of pills inside her gun.

bottle of metoclopramide found in Firecracker's trailer in Season 4, Episode 4 of The Boys
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According to the United Kingdom's National Health Service, metoclopramide is "an anti-sickness medication" meant to combat nausea or vomiting. While it can be used for migraine headaches, it is also used for end-of-life care and is prescribed after radiation or chemotherapy.

What Will Happen to Firecracker on The Boys?

Dark secrets and backstories are far from uncommon, particularly for heroes like Firecracker, who are made out to be near-invincible and on top of the world.

This prescription now makes fans wonder what's in store for her over the next four episodes after coming off as though nothing can harm her.

The best theory is that Firecracker is secretly undergoing chemotherapy for some form of cancer, which is more than likely aggressive, considering how accessible the pills were in her trailer.

Looking at how the Boys are still looking to dig deep into Vought's use of Compound V to make superheroes, it would not be a shock if a side effect was a cancer diagnosis. This is especially true considering Billy Butcher's terminal diagnosis and The Boys' overall dark nature as a show.

With only one more season after this, a slow and painful demise for Firecracker would likely stoke the fires of the Supes vs. humans war even further. It would be exponentially worse if her relationship with Homelander deepens, giving him more fuel and losing another love interest after Season 2's Stormfront.

From another perspective, it could give the Boys a way in to possibly turn Firecracker to their side—an admittedly wild theory. Particularly if Starlight is the one to offer her an out after their contentious past, the plot would unquestionably thicken quickly should a development like that come into play.

No matter the theory, all signs point to Firecracker's secret not staying hidden for much longer.

The first four episodes of The Boys Season 4 are streaming on Amazon Prime Video. Episode 5 arrives on Thursday, June 27 at 12 a.m. PT/ 3 a.m. ET.

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