The Boys Season 4 Trailer Spoils Major Firecracker Twist

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Firecracker in The Boys Season 4

A new trailer for an upcoming episode of The Boys Season 4 spoiled a major twist for one of the show's newcomers, Firecracker.

Part of the massive cast of The Boys Season 4 is Valorie Curry's Firecracker, one of the newest additions to The Seven's roster appointed by Antony Starr's Homelander.

Known for her fiery personality and conspiracy theorist show, she fits into The Seven with a history of attacking the Deep State and liberal viewpoints. She also shows an extra-passionate admiration of Homelander, openly admitting she'll do "anything" to support him.

Firecracker Twist in Upcoming The Boys Season 4 Episode

A previously released full trailer for The Boys Season 4 spoiled a terrifying moment from a future episode centered on The Seven's new member, Firecracker.

The trailer shows multiple members of The Seven kidnapping Matthew Edison's Cameron Coleman, the host and anchor of The Cameron Coleman Hour on Vought TV. He is seen gagged and tied up in front of Chase Crawford's The Deep before a bag is pulled off of his head.

Cameron Coleman kidnapped and gagged in The Boys
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Firecracker then appears to unleash hell on Cameron with a wound-up kick to the face, which should only be the start of a beatdown on the journalist. It is currently unclear why he was kidnapped and tortured.

Firecracker kicking somebody in the face in The Boys
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Later, Firecracker is seen sitting at a news desk hosting her show, with the title card Truthbomb with Firecracker shown behind her as she speaks to the masses.

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What Will Happen With Firecracker in The Boys Season 4?

This trailer seems to set up Firecracker to take over Cameron Coleman's job as the face of the news at Vought International. She likely will exert more power and influence through this outlet as part of The Seven's (and Homelander's) mission to show superheroes' dominance over humanity.

At the moment, there is no indication whether she will be a news host in place of her work as a Supe or if she will do both jobs at once. Considering what Homelander wants to do with the world, however, he would surely see the advantage of having one of his most devoted followers as visible as possible.

Alongside supes like the new Black Noir, Sister Sage, and the original members of The Seven from past seasons, Firecracker is starting her reign of terror.

Whether she makes it to the end of the season is anybody's guess, although she would be the perfect fit next to Homelander as becomes fully unhinged.

The first three episodes of The Boys Season 4 are streaming on Amazon Prime Video. Episode 4 debuts on Thursday, June 20 at 3 a.m. ET/midnight PT.

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