Sydney Sweeney Breaks Silence on Her Marvel Superhero Role

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Sydney Sweeney, Spider-Man

Superhero movie newcomer Sydney Sweeney shared new public quotes on the new role she's taking in the greater Marvel universe.

After multiple Emmy-nominated efforts in major shows like Euphoria and The White Lotus, Sweeney looks to plant her flag in the superhero movie world - specifically Sony’s Spider-Man Universe - in 2024.

Due to her star power, her specific role has been something of a hot topic for the Marvel fandom, especially considering how much the landscape for Sony Pictures' projects has shifted in the last couple of years.

Sydney Sweeney on New Marvel Role

Sydney Sweeney, Julia Carpenter's Spider-Woman

Madame Web star Sydney Sweeney shared her first public quotes on her role in the movie with Variety, confirming that she's playing the Julia Carpenter version of Spider-Woman.

She recalled "freaking out" when she first signed on for the Spider-Man spin-off film, noting that she proceeded to dive into Marvel Comics and find out all she could about her character:

"I was freaking out, of course. I went straight to the comic store, and I bought every comic that mentioned my character."

Sweeney also expressed confidence that Madame Web will perform well when it debuts, calling it something "different from what people expect" in a normal superhero film:

"I think it’s different from what people expect a superhero movie to be. Quote that! That’s a quote, because the tabloids will pick up everything else we talk about."

The interview with Variety was conducted before the SAG-AFTRA strike began.

This is the second confirmation of her role after an interview with Total Film magazine published in May, where Sweeney told the world that she "couldn't be more excited" and that she "can't wait to be able to talk about it" when the time comes.

How Sydney Sweeney Is Ready for Superhero Glow-Up

Sydney Sweeney made it clear from these quotes that she's prepared to dive headfirst into the Marvel waters with this role, especially with her being part of a cast filled with strong female stars and characters for Madame Web.

Specifically, it appears that this could be a performance that comes off as more "comic-accurate" than many other recent superhero movies, with Sweeney doing every homework by reading the pages of Marvel Comics.

In the comics, this version of Julia Carpenter first gained powers similar to Spider-Man after being injected with a mix of spider venom and exotic plant extracts during an experiment, which could potentially come to fruition in Madame Web

New York City is already set to play a huge role in the new movie as Sweeney and her co-stars dive into Spider-Man lore, which will hopefully be just the beginning of how Sony will take inspiration from the comics for this film.

And with other Sony projects not sticking to the source material as strictly, viewers will be curious to see just how much the comic nods will add to Madame Web's overall quality.

Madame Web will debut in theaters on February 14, 2024.

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