Sydney Sweeney Wants to Join the MCU as This Superhero

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Sydney Sweeney, Marvel Studios, Avengers: Infinity War

Madame Web actress Sydney Sweeney expressed her desire about joining the expansive Marvel Cinematic Universe as one specific superhero.

The rising star has emerged as one of the fan favorites to join the Marvel universe as she is set to portray Julia Carpenter in Madame Web for Sony Pictures.

Sweeney has been hard at work in preparing for the role, with the actress even confirming that she already ordered and read a bunch of comic books about her Marvel character

Sydney Sweeney Reveals MCU Debut Hopes

Sydney Sweeney in Euphoria

In an interview with Variety, Sydney Sweeney confirmed that she'd like her version of Julia Carpenter aka Spider-Woman to join the MCU by responding with a "coy yes before taking a long sip of tea."

As for a potential stand-alone Spider-Woman movie down the line, Variety noted in the interview that Sweeney reacted with "a shrug" while the actress "smiles knowingly."

In May 2023, Sweeney told Total Film, via Gamesradar+, that she is a big fan of the MCU, noting that she had already seen The Avengers "probably 20, 30-plus times:"

“Superheroes have been my entire life! Those [films] are all my parents ever wanted to go see. I think I’ve seen 'The Avengers' probably 20, 30-plus times. My family, they love [them]... I could not have made them happier choosing to do that project [Madame Web].”

In Marvel Comics, Julia Carpenter helped Earth's Mightiest Heroes and the West Coast Avengers many times, with her even briefly serving as a member of the latter group. 

Interestingly, Carpenter played a significant role in Marvel's Secret Wars event from the comics. 

During that storyline, she met Spider-Man and the Avengers for the first time, serving as an ally to them in their time of need. Carpenter fought against Absorbing Man and Doctor Doom before being killed and resurrected by the latter with the power of the Beyonder. 

Will Sydney Sweeney’s Julia Carpenter Jump Ship to the MCU?

Sydney Sweeney's latest comments indicated her willingness to join the MCU in any form, which is quite fitting especially now that the expansive shared universe is exploring the Multiverse.

Based on what projects like Spider-Man: No Way Home and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness established, anything is possible in the Multiverse, and this is further proven by the fact that Tom Hardy's Venom already appeared in the MCU (though briefly). 

It's still unclear how fans wil react to Sweeney's upcoming role as Julia Carpenter in Madame Web, but the actress' popularity could be more than enough reason for Marvel Studios to potentially incorporate her character into the wider MCU. 

One way of doing this is through Avengers: Secret Wars, which is expected to bring the Marvel Multiverse together similar to the comics. 

Doing this would allow Sweeney's dream of being part of the MCU a reality while also adding another versatile actress and powerful hero to the franchise's growing roster. 

Madame Web is set to premiere in theaters on February 14, 2024.

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