Star Wars Space Whales Twist Explained: Ahsoka's Purrgil Powers Revealed

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Ahsoka Purrgil Space Whale

Ahsoka Episode 5's Purrgil scene confirmed Ahsoka Tano is more like Ezra Bridger than Star Wars fans ever knew. 

Throughout Ahsoka's run on Disney+, Purrgil or Space Whales have been a recurring presence and reminder of how the Star Wars Rebels animated series concluded.

In the series' fifth episode titled "Shadow Warrior," Ahsoka interacted with the Purrgil, revealing her surprising Force ability and how Ezra, Thrawn, and Sabine will be found. 

Ahsoka Tanos' Purrgil Powers Revealed

Warning - This article contains spoilers for Episode 5 of Ahsoka.

Ahsoka Purrgil On Ship

In the second half of "Shadow Warrior," Ahsoka realizes that Purrgil are how she will reach Peridea, which is where Morgan Elsbeth, Shin Hati, and Baylan Skoll took Sabine and where Ezra and Thrawn have been since Rebels.

With Huyang at the helm, Ahsoka ventures outside of her ship to face a large Purrgil (or Purrgil Ultra) where she seemingly connects with it through the Force. 

Ahsoka Purrgil

Ahsoka and Huygang then fly their starship into the Purrgil's open mouth before the pod of Space Whales illuminate and jump to hyperspace, seemingly bound for this other galaxy. 

Not only does this mirror how Ezra Bridger connected with Purrgil to wrap their tentacles around Thrawn's ship and whisk them to another place and time, but also Ezra's trademark Force connection with nature and animals. 

Through Star Wars Rebels, Ezra used the Force to connect and communicate with wildlife, such as Loth-cats, Fyrnocks, Loth-wolves, and Purrgil on more than one occasion.  

Ahsoka Contacting Purrgil

This is why it was only fitting that Ezra used his unique power to save his Rebels family, and his home planet of Lothal, in the Star Wars Rebels finale

However, this isn't a Force power fans are used to seeing from Ahsoka. 

In fact, it wasn't until Tales of the Jedi, which only debuted in October of 2022, that a Star Wars story specifically highlighted Ahsoka's Force ability with animals. 

Why Ahsoka Has Ezra's Powers & Their Purpose

Surprisingly, this isn't the only new ability Ahsoka illustrates in Episode 5.

Following her lesson with Anakin Skywalker via flashbacks, the former Jedi uses psychometry or a "Force echo" with the destroyed star map to sense what happened to Sabine. 

While not a new power within the Star Wars Universe, it's one fans have rarely seen from her before. It's possible that Ahsoka's new abilities may be the result of her World Between Worlds experience and what some fans believe is her return from the dead. 

Regardless, Ahsoka's ability to communicate with Purrgil appears to be how she will reach this new galaxy, bookending how Ezra reached Peridea in the first place. 

And, while some may feel her new power came out of nowhere, it's worth noting that Ahsoka and Ezra do share a connection. 

Not only did she mentor Ezra during her Star Wars Rebels appearances, but Ezra saved Ahsoka's life by first pulling her into the World Between Worlds. 

It was during their experience in this mysterious realm that Ezra asked Ahsoka to come and find him upon her return.  

With that in mind, Ahsoka using Ezra's Force power to keep her promise to Ezra just feels both personal and appropriate, as well as proof that Ahsoka truly is a "continuation" of Star Wars Rebels.

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