Disney+'s Ahsoka Confirms 4 Villains & Antagonists Set to Appear In the Show

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Ahsoka, Thrawn, Baylan

Disney+ confirmed new details on four antagonistic figures set to appear in Rosario Dawson's upcoming series, Ahsoka.

The show will be the first solo outing for the character, while also serving as a sequel of sorts to the events of the fan-favorite animated Star Wars Rebels. This will include the live-action debut of Sabine Wren, Hera, Ezra Bridger, and more.

A new feature from Empire Magazine offered up some new details on the troublesome characters Ahsoka will come up against in her series.

1.) Grand Admiral Thrawn

Grand Admiral Thrawn, Star Wars Rebels

Grand Admiral Thrawn is poised to be the big bad of the entire show and will be played by Lars Mikkelsen, who voiced the character in Star Wars Rebels.

It's not known what he's been up to since he was shot into the unknown regions of hyperspace alongside Ezra Bridger in the series finale of Rebels.

Mikkelson previously praised the "clever villain" for "[taking the time] to understand his opponent's culture and what they're about."

2.) Morgan Elsbeth

Diana Lee Inosanto, Morgan Elsbeth, The Mandalorian

Played by Diana Lee Inosanto, Morgan Elsbeth, who first appeared in The Mandalorian Season 2 episode "The Jedi," will be making her return at some point in Ahsoka.

The Imperial Magistrate, who is an ally to Thrawn himself, has a score to settle with Rosario Dawson's hero.

Inosanto explained that her villain is "very angry" with Ahsoka for besting her during their first confrontation:

“She’s very angry and really annoyed with Ahsoka... Her loyalty to Thrawn has never wavered. She’s absolutely dedicated to his vision, and they have a lot in common.”

3.) Baylan Skoll

Baylan Skoll, Ray Stevenson, Ahsoka

Ray Stevenson, who sadly passed away late last month, will be playing Baylan Skoll.

The character, who is a dark-side force user, was a Jedi before turning into a mercenary-for-hire after surviving Order 66.

The late actor explained that Skoll has "a Stoic lethality" to him and "is not genocidal or malicious:"

“He has a stoic lethality in that there’s a purpose to him. He is not genocidal or malicious or overly aggressive. He will request that you get out of his way. But if you don’t, he will take you out of his way.”

Previously, Stevenson hinted that his character might be considered more an antagonist than a straight-up villain:

“When you first meet him, you go ‘Oh, right, I…’, then, ‘No. Oh, hang on’, then, ‘He must be… this. No.’ So, [you’re always] second guessing, and yet things are reacting and happening... But there’s no malevolence there, there’s no ‘I want to slaughter the world’. No, there’s something other that’s driving him. That’s what’s going to be exciting.”

4.) Shin Hati

Ivanna Sakhno, Shin Hati, Ahsoka

Ivanna Sakhno's Shin Hati is the apprentice to Baylan Skoll, and is a fellow dark-side force user who will be crossing her lightsaber with Ahsoka—and technically Ezra Bridger's, as seen in the footage shown at Star Wars Celebration.

While further official information on the character isn't available, Sakhno teased that she "is quite an intense and ambitious Force-wielder."

Ahsoka Has Her Hands Full

It seems that Rosario Dawson's Ahsoka won't have any time to catch her breath in her upcoming series.

When it comes to who she'll likely face first, all signs point to Thrawn appearing in the flesh towards the latter half of the show. After all, he is the big bad Ahsoka's been looking for—it makes sense for him to be the final boss.

Though, "final" is a strong word, as he's almost certainly going to be the villain for Dave Filoni's big MandoVerse crossover movie.

Baylan Skoll and Shin Hati could easily show up toward the beginning of the show. As for how long they'll be involved, that's impossible to say—but with their likely connection to Thrawn, they could stick around for a majority of the show.

Ahsoka hits Disney+ on August 21.

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