Star Wars' Next TV Show Gets Disappointing Release Update (Official)

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Star Wars' next streaming series may not end up being released on Disney+ when fans first thought.

Throughout 2023, Star Wars fans enjoyed a steady stream of content from that galaxy far, far away. In addition to long-awaited news of three upcoming Star Wars films, multiple series debuted on Disney+, including Season 2 of The Bad Batch, Visions, The Mandalorian Season 3, and now Ahsoka

However, there's another 2023 MandoVerse show that has yet to premiere on Disney+, and audiences are now learning why.

Update on Star Wars' Next Disney+ Show 

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Lucasfilm's official new copyright filing for Episode 1 of Star Wars' next series, Skeleton Crew, shows a 2024 release date. 

According to the filing, the "Projected Date of Publication" for the series premiere reads 2024-01, indicating Skeleton Crew has been delayed from its initial 2023 release window. 

Skeleton Crew is a brand-new Star Wars project and the fourth within Disney+'s expanding MandoVerse.

Starring Jude Law, the show is expected to follow four kids who "make a mysterious discovery" that leads them to "get lost in a strange and dangerous galaxy."

Lucasfilm originally announced Skeleton Crew's 2023 release window at Star Wars Celebration in April. 

In addition, actor Jaleel White, who plays a pirate in the series, revealed back in May that Skeleton Crew will debut in November or December 2023.

However, the lack of marketing in recent months, coupled with the SAG-AFTRA strike, led many to expect a delay which now appears to be confirmed. 

Still, it's important to note that while Skeleton Crew's first episode has been listed with a tentative January 2024 release, that doesn't mean the series is guaranteed to drop in January. Instead, that date may simply be a placeholder. 

If anything, this evidence points towards an early 2024 debut only. 

Skeleton Crew Crowds 2024 Disney+ Slate?

Since Skeleton Crew wrapped filming earlier this year, Lucasfilm's decision to push the live-action show to 2024 is likely due to scheduling and an attempt to steer clear of competition.

Even though the SAG-AFTRA strike is ongoing, Disney has an impressive lineup of tentpole series on the way, including Season 2 of Loki which runs through November 9, followed by Disney+'s next blockbuster series, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, on December 20. 

The volume of content only increases in the new year with Marvel Studios' Echo, as well as the animated revival, X-Men '97, and three other Star Wars series, such as The Acolyte, Tales of the Jedi Season 2, and The Bad Batch Season 3. 

However, with Skeleton Crew being pushed to 2024, it's likely that its fellow live-action show, The Acolyte, will be pushed later into the coming year as well. 

In the meantime, Lucasfilm and Disney+ are expected to confirm Skeleton Crew's new release window in the near future and possibly a new release slate in the weeks. 

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