Star Wars: Skeleton Crew Gets Disney+ Release Window Update

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Star Wars television shows no signs of slowing down, and now, an update has speculated just when Skeleton Crew will be streaming on Disney+.

Spider-Man: No Way Home director Jon Watts first revealed the project at Star Wars Celebration in May 2022. In the same announcement, Hollywood heavyweight Jude Law was confirmed to lead the series and the series was officially slated for a 2023 premiere.

However, fans have heard very little about the project since, and what updates exist have painted a bleaker outlook.

Some anonymous crew reports have revealed that the show was worse than all the other Star Wars productions combined,” with many frustrated crewmembers leaving due to a “rough” production process.

Despite this, many have still been confident that it will still release in 2023, but a new report has given Star Wars fans a better idea of when they will be able to watch it.

Delays Ahead for Watts’ Star Wars Debut?

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A new report by well-known Star Wars leakers Bespin Bulletin has shared doubt about whether Skeleton Crew will meet its original release date.

The site recalled previously reports that Skeleton Crew was due to commence filming in June 2022 and wrap by late 2022.

However, according to the report, filming began later than planned, and there have been rumblings about the show’s filming timeframe being extended. Some sources claim that the initial plan has changed and that Watts’ series aims to wrap by March 2023.

The leakers point out the tight turnaround for other Lucasfilm endeavors. The Book of Boba Fett had the shortest production time to date, with filming wrapping in June 2021 and its premiere coming in the same year.

Similarly, The Mandalorian began filming its first season in February 2019, and the show began streaming in November 2019. 

However, insiders at Bespin Bulletin note that they aren’t sure whether or not Skeleton Crew’s extensive production issues and filming delays will impact its release.

Due to the production uncertainty, the report points out that Skeleton Crew is most likely to release in Late 2023, though an Early 2024 premiere slot is a strong possibility if delays continue.

When Will Star Wars: Skeleton Crew Release on Disney Plus?

2023 is set to pack Disney’s premiere streaming service with plenty of Star Wars content, so where will Skeleton Crew fit in?

The year has opened with The Bad Batch, with the adventures of Clone Force 99 continuing Lucasfilm’s excellent animation output. The show was initially set for a 2022 release but was pushed back into early 2023, releasing shortly after New Year's. 

Once fans are all caught up with the exploits of the Marauder crew, it will be time to reunite with the phenomenon that is The Mandalorian as it enters its highly-anticipated third season. 

Grogu and Din are set to return to screens on March 1st, 2022. This is a slight delay from its original February window, but the season three trailer has teased that the wait will be well worth it. 

These won't be the only projects, with The Acolyte competing for a 2023 release date, although this is likely to be delayed due to an intensive eight months of filming and an anticipated May 2023 wrap.

Other titles include Ahsoka and the second season of Star Wars Visions, with both looking to release this year.

With such a busy schedule, Skeleton Crew could see a delay to early 2024, but this may be a blessing in disguise. 

If the critically acclaimed show Andor taught Star Wars fans anything, taking more time to complete something can often yield rewards, and quality should always go before quantity.

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