Disney+'s Star Wars: Skeleton Crew Reportedly Suffering Major Production Issues

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Star Wars Disney+ 2023

Reports from crew members on the 2023 Star Wars: Skeleton Crew Disney+ show explained that production issues and a "rough" time behind the scenes have led to many quitting the show and being replaced.

The 2023 Star Wars show will feature Jude Law at the helm, and production has been in full swing throughout the latter half of 2022. Previous reports have revealed that the show will have "a real Clone Wars feel to it."

Very little is known about the upcoming show, but first looks have given fans much to be excited for. However, the behind-the-scenes players have reportedly not been able to share that same excitement.

Skeleton Crew Production Team Reveals "Rough" Goings Behind-the-Scenes 

Star Wars Skeleton Crew
Star Wars

According to MakingStarWars (MSW), crew members on Disney+'s Star Wars: Skeleton Crew have reported difficulty in producing the show.

Production has been described as "rough," which has directly led to frustrated crew members leaving the project and being replaced.

According to the report, the production of Skeleton Crew has not only been the most difficult production on a Disney Star Wars project so far, but that it was worse "than all the other Star Wars productions combined," claims one anonymous crew member. Despite this, this source purported that such issues aren't likely to be reflected in the show itself when it releases on Disney+ in 2023.

Most of the issues, according to the report, stemmed from a "grueling" production schedule, overall negativity toward the production crew, and administrative changes leading to a dip in morale.

Without the "Unsung Heroes," What Happens?

As the post says, Skeleton Crew's production quality will not be impacted by the behind-the-scenes stress, but that doesn't mean this isn't important information.

The production crew makes the magic happen in movies and shows — especially effect-heavy ones like those in the Star Wars franchise. Without the crew, there is no force, there are no detailed worlds, and so much more.

As such, reports on tension behind the scenes may lead to future projects feeling a similar impact. If management does not learn from the reports from past employees who faced difficulties on set, soon more and more crew members will leave and "not come back" to the franchise.

At least fans can support the hard work the crew put in when Star Wars: Skeleton Crew releases on Disney+ in 2023.

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