Star Wars: Bad Batch Season 2 Reviews: What Are Critics' First Reactions?

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Star Wars, The Bad Batch

Star Wars sent out screeners for Season 2 of The Bad Batch on Disney+, and the critics shared their first thoughts.

Continuing their trend of developing excellent animated content, Lucasfilm and Disney+ are continuing the Bad Batch’s intergalactic journey in early 2023. Initially spinning off from Season 7 of The Clone Wars, Season 2 will add new layers to the Star Wars lore after the first trailer teased new material from Emperor Palpatine and even Commander Cody.

After rescuing the young clone Omega from Kamino and developing tighter bonds as a unit during the Empire’s rise, the crew will have an impressive 16 episodes to tackle their next adventures and adversaries.

Now, after critics took a dive into most of the season, the results are officially in.

Reviews for The Bad Batch Season 2

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Critics received screeners for the first 14 episodes of The Bad Batch Season 2 before sharing their thoughts about the show on Twitter.

CNET's Sean Keane saw much of the good from Season 1 in this new season, including "pivotal moments in the Star Wars timeline" along with great references:

"I blasted through 14 episodes of The Bad Batch season 2 last week, and it was amazing - it captures the coolest elements of S1. Some pivotal moments in the Star Wars timeline, excellent Clone Wars callbacks and Crosshair’s storyline is incredible."

Discussing Film's Jacob Fisher called this season "one of the best Star Wars animated seasons yet," highlighting the darker parts of the story that came through:

"Seen the first 14 episodes of The Bad Batch S2 and whilst there’s a couple of weaker episodes, it’s one of the best Star Wars animated seasons yet. Some fun surprise inclusions but more importantly, some excellent and quite dark storytelling. Huge improvement from S1"

Laughing Place also highlighted the "very dark moments and serious themes" in Season 2, noting that it captures the same essence that Season 1 delivered:

"I’ve seen the first few episodes of StarWars: The Bad Batch season 2 and I can report that it retains the same entertaining mix of action and light-hearted fun as the first. But there are also some very dark moments and serious themes at play here. I think fans will be into it."

Tessa Smith noted that the first 14 episodes have "a filler episode thrown in" but praised how good the season is thus far:

"I've seen the first four episodes of The Bad Batch season 2 and boy, does it feel bad to be back with Clone Force 99! The story so far is dark and suspenseful, with a filler episode thrown in, too. I have up to episode 14 and can't wait to keep watching! It's GOOD!"

Cinema Blend's Adam Holmes teased "some fun times and wild twists" in Season 2, noting how much the series follows up on The Clone Wars "in so many ways:"

"Star Wars: The Bad Batch fans, I've seen the first 14 episodes of Season 2, and you're in for some fun times and wild twists ahead! This show continues to be a worthy Clone Wars successor in so many ways, and Omega and Crosshair fans will especially be well sated."

The Skytalkers Podcast called the first episode "an exciting kickstart to the season" while praising the animation used for the visuals:

"We’ve seen some episodes of Season 2 of The Bad Batch and not only is the animation breathtaking and beautiful, but it felt great to be back with our favorite rogue clones! The premiere is an exciting kickstart to the season."

The Direct's own Savannah Sanders saw Lucasfilm's "tradition of exploring meaningful, complex themes" coming through in animation, celebrating Omega's place as a rising star as well:

"Season 2 of The Bad Batch continues Lucasfilm Animation's tradition of exploring meaningful, complex themes within the boundaries of a family-friendly Star Wars story. Omega is on the fast track to becoming the next Star Wars icon & the animation is stunning."

Sanders also touched on the negatives of Season 2, mostly the fact that it doesn't live up to Rebels or The Clone Wars:

"However, from what Episodes 1-14 had to offer (and apart from a few must-see moments), The Bad Batch still hasn't reached the levels of Rebels or Clone Wars. This reality may be even more apparent in light of both Andor & Tales of the Jedi."

The Direct's Russ Milheim enjoyed the first part of Season 2 as well, calling it "better than the freshman run" and highlighting the story for Crosshair:

"I quite enjoyed the first fourteen episodes of The Bad Batch. Overall, it’s better than the freshman run, with the Crosshair storyline being particularly strong. There’s also some interesting and unexpected lore tidbits throughout."

Does The Bad Batch S2 Live Up to Fans' Hopes?

Star Wars' animation department has had an incredible run for the better part of 15 years ever since The Clone Wars arrived, which seemingly continues with Season 2 of The Bad Batch

The animation appears to be up to the usual standard, and with all but two episodes having gone out to critics thus far, the consensus is that Lucasfilm has yet another winner on its hands from a story perspective.

Fans have already gotten hints about some of the major plot points coming this season such as the twist seen with Commander Cody and an eventual reunion for the full team. And even with only the final two episodes remaining behind the curtain, there will still be plenty of exciting action that viewers look forward to seeing over the coming months.

Season 2 of The Bad Batch will debut on Disney+ on January 4, 2023

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