Star Wars Casts Steve Urkel Actor In New Project

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Jaleel White, Hyperspace Star Wars

Jaleel White, the actor famously known for his portrayal of Steve Urkel in Family Matters, was recently cast in an upcoming Star Wars series on Disney+.

Skeleton Crew already boasts a star-studded creative team led by Spider-Man: No Way Home's Jon Watts. It was also confirmed that Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert, the directors of Everything Everywhere All at Once, will be behind the camera for at least one episode of the upcoming show.

The series will follow Jude Law throughout the galaxy as he leads a group of kids in a Goonies-like manner. However, the heroes will apparently be confronted by pirates already seen in The Mandalorian.

Jaleel White To Appear in Skeleton Crew

Jaleel White
Jaleel White

Steve Urkel actor Jaleel White recently attended an Edmonton Oilers NHL game where he was invited to the Sportsnet broadcast table for a short interview.

In the interview, which was shared by @zjlaing via Twitter, White revealed that he was cast in the upcoming Skeleton Crew Star Wars series on Disney+.

The 1990s comedy star even went on to briefly talk about his role in the show, telling fans that he had to withstand "two hours of makeup every day" because he will be playing "a pirate:"

"Oh wow, I’m actually gonna be on a new series on Disney+ starring Jude Law called Skeleton Crew… So that’s a big change for me, man. I had to do two hours of makeup every day. I get to be a pirate."

White's comments allude to him probably being an antagonist in Skeleton Crew due to the fact that pirates were reported to be the show's main villains.

How Significant Is Jaleel White's Skeleton Crew Role?

Even though Jaleel White's comments don't give a lot away, it can be inferred that his role in Skeleton Crew will at least be somewhat significant.

Since the actor was in the makeup chair for "two hours" and he had to go through the process "every day," it seems as though he will be a returning character.

The pirates that were seen in Season 3 of The Mandalorian are reportedly going to be the antagonists of Skeleton Crew, and the most likely scenario is that they will be led by Marti Matulis' Vane, who appeared in the first trailer released for the series.

In "Chapter 21" of The Mandalorian, Gorian Shard's pirates attacked Nevarro but were defeated. As Shard's ship went down, it seemed as though they all met their demise, but Vane was able to escape in his own personal ship.

If the reports are true about pirates being the main villains of Skeleton Crew, White's character will likely be recruited by Vane and be among the pirate's ranks as he tries to build himself up as a pirate king now that Gorian Shard is gone.

As the release window for the upcoming series gets closer, fans will likely get a first look at White in full costume and makeup, and he may even appear in one of the show's upcoming trailers.

Skeleton Crew is expected to hit Disney+ in late-2023.

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