Jude Law's Star Wars Skeleton Crew: First Trailer Released (Description)

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Jude Law's Star Wars Skeleton Crew

Jude Law makes his Star Wars debut in the first footage of Skeleton Crew from Star Wars Celebration

Skeleton Crew is set to introduce a brand new wave of heroes from the galaxy far, far, away.  The show’s upcoming story takes place during the New Republic era, alongside The Mandalorian, The Book of Boba Fett, and Ahsoka.

Created by Spider-Man: No Way Home director Jon Watts and Spider-Man: Homecoming scribe Chris Ford, plot details of Skeleton Crew are still being kept under wraps, but it is expected to be featured in an upcoming crossover with other MandoVerse projects.

Star Wars Unveils Skeleton Crew Teaser

Skeleton Crew
Jude Law as unnamed Jedi in Skeleton Crew

During the Lucasfilm showcase at this year's Star Wars Celebration, an exclusive teaser trailer for Skeleton Crew was released for the panel's attendees. 

The first footage heavily focused on introducing the characters, most notably Jude Law's surprising protagonist from the galaxy, far, far, away.

The footage begins with a kid riding a speeder bike through a forest and a scene of some kids inside a school. The teaser then revealed that these kids live on a planet that has a suburban-type town. 

Then, the young group of adventurers is seen piloting a ship, seemingly running away from home. The parents of one of them are seen being concerned. 

Vane, who is the spiky faced-pirate who abandoned Gorian Shard and his fleet from The Mandalorian Season 3, is confirmed to appear in the upcoming Disney+ series, and it looks like he is one of the villains. 

The footage ultimately revealed that Jude Law's character is a Jedi, with him using the Force to push some keys to the kids who are stuck in prison. 

The last shot of the teaser shows Law's Jedi character walking down from a ship, wearing a similar shirt to Lando's blue garb from Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back.

The footage description is from The Direct's Tom Drew who is currently attending the Lucasfilm showcase.

How Will the Skeleton Crew Connect to the MandoVerse?

While Skeleton Crew's first teaser didn't offer many story details, the fact that Jude Law's character is a Jedi presents many storytelling opportunities for the show while showcasing major connections to the larger MandoVerse saga. 

It's possible that Law's new Jedi character survived the events of Order 66 and has potentially cut himself off from the Force to avoid being detected. However, the arrival of a new group of kids and the threat of pirates led by Vane could force him back into action, resulting in him accessing the Force again.

Returning the kids home could be the utmost priority of Jude Law's unnamed Jedi, leading these adventurers to cross paths with exciting new characters and maybe even some familiar faces. In fact, The Mandalorian showrunner Jon Favreau already hinted at a possible Skeleton Crew crossover with Din Djarin and Grogu in future seasons.

With an official The Mandalorian crossover movie in the works, it's safe to assume that the Skeleton Crew will soon make its jump to the big screen to help out with the impending war between Imperial remnants and the New Republic.

Skeleton Crew is set to premiere on Disney+ sometime this year.

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