Jude Law's Star Wars Show Reveals New Look at Lead Actor

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By Richard Nebens Posted:

Fans got a new look at Jude Law's upcoming Star Wars character thanks to an image from the Skeleton Crew Disney+ series.

Lucasfilm is set to explore a new area of the galaxy far, far away in Skeleton Crew, which will feature Jude Law in the leading role amongst a group of new young stars. The upcoming series remains largely a mystery, although it's under the watchful eye of The Mandalorian creator Jon Favreau and Spider-Man: No Way Home director Jon Watts.

Recently, fans got the first information surrounding Law's hero in the show, teasing a man that's one part teacher and one part Josh Brolin's Brand from 1986's The Goonies.

Now, as fans wait to learn more about what Skeleton Crew will actually be about, a new look at its biggest star has come to light, along with an indication of when the show will debut.

New Look at Jude Law's Star Wars Hero

Disney+ officially released a new “Streaming in 2023” trailer to promote next year's releases, including a new look at Jude Law in Lucasfilm's Star Wars: Skeleton Crew.

Law is seen donning a set of dark robes and holding his hands up as he hides behind a pillar, although it's difficult to tell where exactly he is or what he's doing.

Skeleton Crew, Jude Law

This promotional spot also indicates that Skeleton Crew is still set to arrive on Disney+ sometime in 2023, although there are no specifics otherwise for its release date.

What Will Skeleton Crew Hold on Disney+?

Skeleton Crew has a unique place in the upcoming Star Wars slate as a completely new project that doesn't spin directly off something that fans already know and love. Reportedly, the cast will have an encounter with Rosario Dawson's heroine from Ahsoka while encountering other parts of the universe established in The Mandalorian, but it will center around heroes that haven't had the chance to shine yet.

As for the specific image of Jude Law seen in the ad, it's difficult to decipher much in terms of plot details other than the fact that he appears to be on the run from something or someone. It's also hard to tell whether he's with the young children from the series or not yet, and his costume doesn't give away much regarding his place as a Jedi, senator, bounty hunter, or something else.

Reportedly, this series will take some inspiration from the animated The Clone Wars series, setting up countless exciting adventures for Law's hero as he tackles the toughest the galaxy has to offer.

Skeleton Crew will debut on Disney+ sometime in 2023.