Star Wars FINALLY Reveals First Look at Disney+'s 'Skeleton Crew' Main Characters

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Ahead of Skeleton Crew's Disney+ debut, Star Wars fans have their first official look at the new streaming series' cast of characters.

Following The Acolyte's June 4 Disney+ release, Skeleton Crew should mark the next addition to the greater Star Wars universe on Disney's streaming platform.

Behind Captain Marvel star Jude Law and a host of young newcomers joining the cast, Skeleton Crew will bring a coming-of-age story following the Battle of Yavin as the core cast discovers a shocking secret on their home planet.

Skeleton Crew Main Characters Get First Look

The Fanattik website provided the first official look at merchandise from Star Wars' Skeleton Crew, including a never-before-seen peek at its main characters.

Skeleton Crew limited edition official ingot featuring the show's cast
Star Wars

The piece of merch is described as an "official ingot," which shows off the main cast of Skeleton Crew in the style of a computer-generated image. This includes an alien character with a trunk while a droid stands behind the main quartet.

Skeleton Crew Cast on merchandise
Star Wars

While the characters are not named yet, the Skeleton Crew cast seen in this picture includes Ryan Kiera Armstrong, Kyrianna Kratter, and Ravi Cabot-Conyers next to the previously mentioned alien with a trunk for a nose.

Skeleton Crew cast
Star Wars

What Will Happen in Skeleton Crew?

Skeleton Crew's synopsis teases the main cast getting lost in a "strange and dangerous galaxy," hinting at exploring areas of the Star Wars universe that have never been seen before.

A privately released trailer for the new series gave viewers a heavy introduction to the new cast of characters, with Jude Law taking up much of the spotlight as well in his Lucasfilm debut.

That footage showed classic Star Wars imagery such as speeder bikes, outdoor forests, and a new suburban town - which is where fans will meet the group of youngsters driving the narrative forward.

On top of that, Gorian Shard will make his return from The Mandalorian Season 3, teasing a larger connection to the greater Mandoverse that will only push the boundaries of the whole franchise further.

Skeleton Crew is expected to debut on Disney+ later in 2024.

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