When Will Star Wars: Skeleton Crew Release on Disney Plus? Actor Responds (Exclusive)

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A cast member of Lucasfilm’s upcoming Star Wars Disney+ series Skeleton Crew offered their prediction about when the show might finally air.

The project, starring Jude Law, was initially expected to be released sometime in 2023. However, last October, an official copyright filing revealed the show had been pushed into 2024 (which Disney further confirmed later).

Since then, there has been no word on when it will debut.

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When Will Star Wars: Skeleton Crew Release?

Dane DeLiegro
Dane DeLiegro

While speaking to The Direct’s Russ Milheim on the red carpet premiere of his new Blumhouse Pictures horror film, Imaginary, Dane DiLiegro gave a hopeful update on when he thinks one of his next projects, Star Wars: Skeleton Crew will be released.

While making it clear that his guess was "completely surmising," DiLiegro felt comfortable estimating Skeleton Crew could arrive "by the fall," maybe even "November:"

"I'm hoping by the fall. If I were to guess... That's completely surmising. There's no information behind that. I know that Lucasfilm likes to release things around November-ish. So I'm hoping by then. I've been meaning to reach out to our director, David Lowery. He's a friend of mine. But yeah, I don't know. We’ll see. Maybe November. I know Lucasfilm is due for something pretty cool. And I think 'Skeleton Crew' might be that thing."

As for what DiLiegro is doing in the upcoming Lucasfilm Disney+ series, the actor teased that while "it’s not anything long or substantial," it is "a really cool sequence:"

"It's fun. It's not anything long or substantial... But it's just a fun thing. And you know, it's a really cool sequence."

What's Next for Star Wars on Disney+?

At the time of writing, it looks like Skeleton Crew won't be the next live-action Star Wars series set to hit Disney+.

Instead, a recent update seemed to paint the picture that The Acolyte will arrive sometime this summer. With it will come the very first on-screen portrayal of the High Republic era, which has mostly been relegated to books and comics up until this point (aside from an animated kids show).

Perhaps sometime after that will be Skeleton Crew’s time to shine, sometime in the Fall—just like Dane DiLiegro predicted.

There is also Andor Season 2, but thankfully, for those looking forward to Skeleton Crew, Diego Luna's show probably will not arrive until early next year.

Hopefully, Skeleton Crew will be worth the wait for fans. Many are crossing their fingers that it will connect with and be important to the MandoVerse somehow—instead of just being off on its own somewhere.

Star: Wars: Skeleton Crew is expected to premiere in 2024.

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