Disney Confirms Unfortunate News for Andor Season 2's Release

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After many rumors and teases, official unfortunate news regarding the release of Season 2 of Andor was confirmed by Disney.

The first installment of Andor was one of the most celebrated seasons of TV in the entire Disney+ library, so when showrunner Tony Gilroy confirmed Season 2's release would come in Fall 2024, many instantly marked their calendars.

However, more recently, Season 2 of Andor was notably absent from a Disney press release that contained upcoming 2024 projects, leading many to speculate that the Star Wars espionage thriller was unfortunately delayed.

Disney Confirms Andor Season 2's Delay

Disney recently revealed its upcoming slate of 2024 projects that will be released in theaters and on its streaming service, Disney+, but unfortunately for Star Wars fans, Season 2 of Andor was not included in the list.

After many weeks of speculation, this confirms that the upcoming sophomore run of Andor was officially delayed and no longer has an expected release window.

Even though this news is unfortunate, it is important to note that other upcoming Star Wars series were included on the list of 2024 releases, only they didn't have specific release dates attached.

When Will Andor Season 2 Actually Premiere?

Tony Gilroy originally teased Season 2 of Andor would be released sometime around Fall 2024, so even though it has been delayed, fans may be able to expect Season 2 as early as Spring 2025.

Star Wars has experience releasing Disney+ content in March with Season 3 of The Mandalorian, so it is possible that Andor could premiere on the platform in March 2025.

It is also important to remember that multiple Star Wars Disney+ series will be streaming in 2024, and it is almost guaranteed that one of them will fill the Winter 2024 slot (most likely The Acolyte).

Since 2024 will be such a packed year for the Star Wars brand, Disney and Lucasfilm may want to hold off on releasing Andor Season 2 so that fans don't feel as though the galaxy far, far away is oversaturated.

If that is the case, then Season 2 could even come out in late May or early June 2025, taking a similar release approach to Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Whatever the case may be, fans can more than likely expect to see Season 2 of Andor sometime in 2025. For the time being, Season 1 is available to stream on Disney+.

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