Andor Season 2 Gets Discouraging Release Update

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While Season 2 of Andor is one of the most-anticipated new entries for Star Wars fans, the latest update on its release may leave many disappointed.

Following the conclusion of Andor's first season in November 2022, head writer/showrunner Tony Gilroy indicated that the previously confirmed second season was set to arrive on Disney+ sometime in Summer or Fall 2024.

Gilroy then reconfirmed that goal about a month later at Star Wars Celebration 2023, noting that Season 2 would use a similar timeframe for production as Season 1 and that the show was moving along on schedule at the time.

Andor Season 2 Disappoints Fans with Release Update

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An official Disney press release teasing upcoming releases for 2024 omitted the upcoming second season of Star Wars: Andor.

While this doesn't officially confirm that Andor Season 2 won't be released next year, it does make a delayed 2025 premiere window more likely.

Making the latter option more likely is the fact that this listing included Marvel Studios' Agatha: Darkhold Diaries, with its release rumored to come in September 2024, even though that timeframe wasn't made official.

But with Darkhold Diaries making this list and Andor Season 2 being left off, it appears more likely that the hit Star Wars show was delayed from its initial 2024 release window.

Star Wars originally confirmed five different live-action and animated shows for release in 2024, the other live-action shows being The Acolyte and Skeleton Crew.

The animated side of Star Wars will take the spotlight with The Bad Batch Season 3 and Tales of the Jedi Season 2.

Will Andor Come to Disney+ in 2024?

Considering Andor is arguably Star Wars' most successful Disney+ show yet critically, holding it off until after 2024 will only leave fans anxious for more action as Lucasfilm and Disney look to get back to work.

Unfortunately, the writers' and actors' strikes from Summer 2023 heavily impacted production on Season 2 with filming only able to be partially completed, especially looking at how Season 1 took more than a full year to complete its own production.

Season 2 was already teased by Gilroy to "be very different" than its predecessor, with the next set of episodes covering four full years of action between the end of Season 1 and the events of Rogue One.

And with the show's stars telling The Direct that various stories from Season 1 will "start to cross paths" in this follow-up effort, anticipation only builds to see how those adventures will be put on screen.

Currently, Andor Season 2 stands without an official release date for Disney+.

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