Andor Season 2 Gets Release Update from Showrunner

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As Andor Season 2 starts its lengthy shooting schedule, showrunner Tony Gilroy hinted at release timing for the Disney+ series. 

The Star Wars streaming epic is coming hot off a Season 1 that garnered rave reviews.

Now, the team behind the show has the lofty task of following one of the best-received projects in the franchise's storied history. Andor star Diego Luna has called the upcoming sophomore season "even better" than its debut effort, with fans getting a first glimpse of the star on set for Season 2

Season 1 may have taken some time, but it proved to be worth it, as Season 2 currently has no official release timing from Lucasfilm

Tony Gilroy Teases Andor Season 2's Release Date

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Speaking on StruggleNation's YouTube show, Andor showrunner Tony Gilroy hinted at a potential late Summer/early Fall 2024 release window for his Star Wars streaming series. 

Gilroy remarked that Andor Season 2 is working "on the same schedule" as Season 1, noting that "[they are shooting] all the way through August" and then it will likely "[take] a year [to] finish it" from there:

“Well, we’re on the same schedule that we were before… So, we started shooting in November, so we’re on the same schedule we were before. So we we finished last time shooting in August, so we’ll finish… we’re shooting now, we shoot all the way through August and then it takes a year for us to finish it.

This puts the series on track to be ready "the following June or July," but likely later:

"So we won’t finish it until the following June or July, it won’t be done. It takes a year to do all the visual effects, and the color correction, and the music, and the mixing, and everything else. So, I don’t know. That is the schedule we were on before. The only way… you can’t accelerate the shooting. You can throw money at the post if they wanted it to come in somewhat sooner… I have a feeling it’ll be on the same thing, but two years later.”

This is in line with past comments from Gilroy shared with TheWrap, where back in September 2022, the filmmaker said he "[has] two more years to go" before Andor is officially done with its two-season run:

"I have two more years to go. We start shooting in November on Part 2. And I don’t know if … Our past pattern was two years, but I mean, I’ll be on … We’ll shoot from November to August. And then our post[-production] last time was about a year.”

When to Expect Andor Season 2

So this looks like fans are going to have to wait until at least later 2024 for Andor Season 2. 

Gilroy mentions "June or July," but seeing as filming started last Fall and a supposed two-year timeline for this project, that would put Andor's second season later in the year than that early Summer time frame. 

With Andor Season 1 kicking off its run in early Fall 2022, it certainly feels like this "very different" follow-up will debut right around that time as well. 

But with the high standard Season 1 set, this will all hopefully be worth the wait. 

Andor Season 1 is available to stream now in its entirety on Disney+.  

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