Star Wars: Live-Action Thrawn Casting Gets 'Unfortunate' Update

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Months before its Disney+ premiere, Lars Mikkelsen addressed rumors that he would take on Grand Admiral Thrawn in the upcoming Star Wars series, Ahsoka

Rumors have been swirling for months that Mikkelsen (who previously voiced the Star Wars villain in Star Wars: Rebels) would get the chance to bring his character to live-action, but nothing official has been revealed to either confirm or deny that. 

Word was that Mikkelsen was seemingly on board for the project; however, those very same headlines have supposedly been debunked as well.

Lars Mikkelsen himself told Express that "[he hadn't] had the offer. But, yes" he would be open to returning to the role. 

Lars Mikkelsen Talks Thrawn

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A new interview seemingly disproved rumors that Star Wars: Rebels actor Lars Mikkelsen would return as Thrawn in the upcoming Ahsoka series.

Speaking with Danish outlet StreamingGuide, Mikkelsen revealed that despite reports saying otherwise, Lucasfilm had not "approached [him]" as of yet, so it looks as though "unfortunately... it must be someone else" playing Thrawn in the live-action project:

"Well, I've heard that, but I haven't heard anything about it yet. Then they should have approached me, but they haven't. So it must be someone else, unfortunately,."

The actor noted that it "could have been fun" to play the Star Wars villain again; however, as far as he is willing to admit, he will not be. 

Of course, these quotes have sent fans into a flurry of speculation, with many believing the actor to be playing coy (a la Andrew Garfield in the wind-up to Spider-Man: No Way Home). 

Is Lars Mikkelsen in Ahsoka?

Despite having now denied rumors he is not in Ahsoka a number of times at this point, some fans are still holding onto the idea of him appearing as Grand Admiral Thrawn in the upcoming Disney+ series. And these Star Wars devotees may actually be justified in doing so. 

Ahsoka star Rosario Dawson made it clear that the Star Wars show would be focused on "trying to track [Thrawn] down," after the villain jettisoned off into the far reaches of the galaxy with Ezra Bridger at the end of Star Wars: Rebels.

And with Ezra seemingly cast for the project, then Thrawn has to be making an appearance. 

While there is always the possibility that someone else could be playing the Chiss militaristic mastermind, then why would someone like Rosario Dawson publicly celebrate reports that Mikkelsen was going to be back in the role? 

Sure, the actor himself keeps saying he has not heard from Lucasfilm about the role, but all signs look to be pointing to him playing Thrawn again. 

Whether Mikkelsen is back or not, fans will not have to wait too much longer to find out, as Ahsoka is set to premiere sometime later this year with a trailer reportedly debuting at Star Wars Celebration in April

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