Spider-Man: No Way Home Celebrates Valentine's Day With New Promo Video

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Spider-Man: No Way Home exploded into theaters to record-breaking numbers over the festive season after months of anticipation and speculation. With Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield finally back in their Spider-Man roles, there's no denying that the Multiverse blockbuster certainly delivered on expectations. But beyond all the surprise characters, the solo flick also proved game-changing for Tom Holland's Peter Parker.

Not only did the MCU hero dive into the magical world for the first time, solidifying his secret identity once again, but all memory of his existence was erased across the universe. With all Peter's remaining friends and fellow heroes having forgotten he ever existed, Spider-Man will be having a tough time moving forward.

But there may be no tougher day for him than Valentine's Day as, with Zendaya's MJ having forgotten he ever existed, he's now left single and with no one to celebrate the romantic holiday with. Although, Spider-Man seems to be powering through the day as he wishes fans a Happy Valentine's Day in a new promo video.

Spider-Man Wishes You a Happy Valentine's Day

The official Sony Pictures Japan Twitter account celebrated Valentine's Day with a new promotional video for Spider-Man: No Way Home, showing the webhead suited up with heart-shaped fireworks exploding in the background.

Spider-Man No Way Home Valentine's Day
Sony Pictures

The full promo video can be viewed below:

Sony similarly celebrated the arrival of 2022 with a Spider-Man-centric promo for No Way Homewishing fans a Happy New Year.

Spider-Man's Love Story Continues

Marvel's iconic wall-crawler may have some of the most famous love stories in the comic book genre, from marrying Mary Jane to watching Gwen Stacy die in his arms. But with the memory of Tom Holland's Peter Parker wiped from the world, one can only imagine he may not be having the happiest of Valentine's Day celebrations.

Peter only got together with MJ in the final moments of Far From Home before being forced apart that same Christmas in No Way Home, so it's a sad realization that the happy couple never got to celebrate Valentine's Day together. Although, this year's occasion will seem to mark Holland's first Valentine's celebrations with co-star and real-life girlfriend Zendaya.

Who knows what the future may hold for Peter Parker's love life going into his second MCU trilogy. Will he overcome Doctor Strange's spell and reunite with MJ? Is the introduction of Gwen Stacy right around the corner? Or will the famous cat burglar Black Cat steal his heart?

Tom Holland is seemingly yet to renew his superhero contract, leaving his Marvel future up in the air, so it may be some time to come before fans get the answers they're waiting for in his fourth solo outing.

But for now, Spider-Man: No Way Home is playing in theaters around the world. And what better Valentine's Day date could there be?

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