Spider-Man's Tom Holland Confesses Feelings for Zendaya: 'I'm In Love'

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Marvel Studios is gearing up for its biggest film of the year in Spider-Man: No Way Home, which will arrive in just over a month. As fans prepare to see the Marvel Cinematic Multiverse begin, the cast and crew behind this outing are getting ready for countless questions regarding what will happen in this massive movie and how it will change everything known about the Spider-verse.

At the center of this madness will, of course, be Tom Holland’s Peter Parker and Zendaya’s Michelle Jones. The two were featured heavily in the opening of the movie’s first trailer, and rumors have pointed to some of the movie showing their relationship in a tough spot thanks to the Doctor Strange spell that derails the plot.

Thankfully, this is far from the case in real life, as Holland and Zendaya recently became an item and went public following filming for Spider-Man: No Way Home. Now, it appears that this relationship is still going strong thanks to Holland’s most recent interview.

Tom Holland In Love and Loving Life

Tom Holland, Zendaya

Via an interview with Total Film, MCU star Tom Holland spoke about his life outside of filming and how happy he is with everything he experienced off-camera.

Holland admitted how lucky he is to have the career that he has, as well as being able to take a break from it and live a normal life for as long as he wants before going back to it:

“I started acting then I was 11, and I’m now 25. I just think there are endless opportunities for me to do what I want. And doing what I want might not be in the film industries. It might be completely separate, I might go and be a carpenter for two years, and take a big break. I might go away, and get married, and have kids, and just disappear for the rest of my life.”

Holland admitted that while it's tough to keep his private and public lives separate, that's "the price you pay" as a Hollywood star. Even with that luxury, he did reveal that his everyday life is actually more “boring” than people may expect. 

“It’s the price you pay. We’re so lucky to be doing what we’re doing, and to live our life the way we can, and to do the things that we get to do with this job. My day-to-day life, it’s pretty boring. I go to a golf course. I see my mates. I go home. I’ve sort of given up with Instagram.”

With that combination of superstardom and regular life, Holland confirmed that he’s “very happy” with how everything is going for him. He even professed his love for his girlfriend Zendaya and showed gratitude for having such a close group of family and friends.

“I’m very happy. I’m very happy, and in love, and my friends are great, my family are great, and everyone’s happy and healthy.”

Spider-Man Star On Top of The World

Tom Holland has never been one to hide his enthusiasm for his work, especially since he took on the role of Spider-Man in the MCU more than five years ago. Through this experience, his bond with his co-star Zendaya has grown seemingly every year, and he’s comfortable enough with everything he’s experiencing to be out in the open with his relationship.

Zendaya and Holland are about to appear in their third MCU movie together, and although their on-screen characters fell in love more quickly than the pair did in real life, the love is as real as ever away from the cinema. Their friendship has been apparent almost since the beginning, with the pair gaining widespread popularity long before they were an item, and now, they make for a fan-favorite couple.

Where the pair goes in Spider-Man: No Way Home is still a mystery, although their relationship should be something to watch out for amongst the Multiversal madness. Fans are looking forward to seeing them embark on No Way Home’s promotional tour in the near future.

Spider-Man: No Way Home is set to debut in theaters on December 17, 2021.

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