New Spider-Man: No Way Home Photo of Tobey Maguire Criticized By Fans

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Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures are making the most out of their latest team-up effort with Spider-Man: No Way Home continuing to play in theaters across the world. Bringing the stories from Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield's movies into the MCU brought massive success, helping the film to make its mark both financially and critically in many ways.

Even considering how many leaks and rumors teased the events of No Way Home for more than two years, Marvel and Sony did their best to keep the plot as much of a secret as possible. Stars like Garfield and the MCU's Tom Holland helped in this endeavor by not leaking any information, helping to make the eventual team-up between all three Spider-Men a truly special moment in MCU history.

While most of the chatter behind No Way Home has been overwhelmingly positive, some of the negatives have noted a bit of questionable CGI and VFX work that made the final cut. That sentiment came out in a big way with the latest imagery from the film that went public as fans let their feelings be known regarding a key hero in the movie's final act.

Spidey Fans Question VFX Work on Maguire Mask

Twitter user @4KSpiderShots shared a post from @imageworksvfx on Instagram showing an image of Tobey Maguire's Spider-Man from Spider-Man: No Way Home. This came as part of a promotion for the film as a nominee for two Visual Effects Society Awards, which were for Outstanding Visual Effects and Oustanding Compositing & Lighting.

Spider-Man VFX Tobey Maguire

The VFX work on Tobey Maguire's Spidey left a negative impact on a number of fans, leading to numerous comments on the Instagram page criticizing the image of Sam Raimi's original web-slinger.

@talha.eo asked for Sony and Marvel to "enhance (their) effects" when the movie is available for home release.

"Pls enhance your effects on blu ray and digital..."

@yallgotcheesepuffs called the movie's VFX work "absolute dog water," even while admitting that they loved No Way Home as a whole:

"Okay I loved the movie but the vfx were absolute dog water"

@spidercentral_16 kept it quite simple with their response by only saying "Bro that cgi...."

@nahshon2x_ compared the look of Maguire's Spidey to the costume that came in PlayStation's Spider-Man game on the PS4 and PS5. They made it clear that the No Way Home suit didn't live up to expectations:

"the ps4 model looks better than that still they chose"

@uneducated_voice_of_reason expressed a sentiment of pure annoyance regarding how Sony and Marvel picked "the worst image" for this advertisement: 

"Good idea choosing the worst image for this. People think I'm hating on the movie for the bad CGI but when Tobey's suit looks like Spooderman, yeah I'm gonna be annoyed."

Another look at Maguire's mask from 2007's Spider-Man 3 can be seen below:

Spider-Man 3 mask
Sony Pictures


Negative Sentiments on VFX For Maguire's Return

Spider-Man: No Way Home admittedly took some liberties with the designs for some of its returning characters. While much of this came into play with villains like Jamie Foxx's Electro and Willem Dafoe's Green Goblin, some fans were not too pleased with how Tobey Maguire's OG wall-crawler looked from a VFX standpoint in his comeback.

The suit boasted a couple of minor differences in No Way Home from its original rendition in the Spider-Man trilogy, such as a darker border around the big white eyes on the mask. However, with the suit being used almost completely at night alongside Garfield and Holland's Spider-Men, many feel that Sony didn't put enough of an effort into making sure the suit looked as good as it could.

While it's unlikely that any VFX work will be improved before the threequel's home release, this complaint seems to be the one that's making the biggest headlines as No Way Home continues playing in theaters. No movie in existence is perfect, even blockbusters from Marvel Studios, but it seems that Sony and Marvel are still feeling quite good about this game-changing story.

Spider-Man: No Way Home is now playing in theaters worldwide.

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