Spider-Man: No Way Home Tickets Scalped for Thousands of Dollars on eBay

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Spider-Man: No Way Home continues to be the hottest topic in the world of comic book movies, just as it has for more than a year already, something that speaks to just how big of a scale this threequel boasts. Already predicted to be the biggest financial success of any movie in 2021, the MCU's final movie of the year is making more headlines by the day on numerous fronts.

Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures are now fully engrossed in No Way Home's promotional tour as TV spots and teasers show off new footage in rapid-fire fashion. With only a few weeks until the movie finally makes its worldwide debut in theaters, anticipation is building to something even beyond a fever-pitch as fans try to figure out what's going to happen in the story.

As tickets become available for purchase online in markets across the globe, fans are already feeling the heat in trying to get their seats secured for No Way Home's opening night. Some fans are even resorting to drastic measures with how intense the ticket-buying process has become in a few short hours.

No Way Home Tickets Going for a Small Fortune

Multiple eBay postings are showing how fans are scalping Spider-Man: No Way Home tickets for outrageous sums of money.

One listing in Woodland Hills, California put five tickets up for sale at $200, although the listing sold out shortly after it was posted. A user from Raleigh, North Carolina took the same route with a batch of tickets that had a starting bid of $250.

Things took an even crazier turn on eBay when a user from Norco, California listed a set of five tickets for a whopping and quite specific $14,200.69. These listings went to an even more insane level when a seller from Plainfield, New Jersey offered an undisclosed number of tickets for $25,000 or the best offer available.

Tickets for No Way Home at a Premium

Spider-Man: No Way Home is clearly the hot ticket event of the year thanks to so many reports and rumors teasing arguably the biggest solo story in any MCU movie to date. The MCU threequel is already looking likely to have an incredible run in theaters, but with this news, it's evident that fans are willing to do whatever it takes to be a part of the movie's first showings.

$200 for a group of five tickets is a little bit on the expensive side, although it may not be unreasonable. $25,000 is on another level entirely, considering that sum of money could probably buy any number of real props from the movie itself. Even looking at No Way Home as the biggest event since Avengers: Endgame, the third Spider-Man installment is truly becoming an event unlike any other.

As moviegoers continue to buy their tickets for opening night around the world, fans will be on high alert to see just how wild the Spider-Man madness will get.

Spider-Man: No Way Home will swing into theaters on December 17, 2021.

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