New Madame Web Set Photos Reveal Spider-Man-Inspired Villain Costume

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While most of Sony's Spider-Man Universe have had little to no Spider-Man connections, it's the upcoming Madame Web that has the most potential to touch upon the famous web-slinger. Why? Well, its titular character is inherently linked to the Spider-Verse itself, which could provide plenty of opportunities to meet some Spider-People.

In fact, it's rumored that both Sydney Sweeney and Mattie Franklin will play different variations of Spider-Woman. Isabela Merced may even be laying Anya Corazon, another Spider-Person who goes by Spider-Girl.

Besides those characters being rumored, set photos also revealed what seem to be clear references to Peter Parker himself, with one instance including some clear references to the burning building in Spider-Man 2.

Now, more new images revealed a mysterious figure that looks to be wearing what could be a Spider-Man-inspired suit.

Madame Web Set Photos Show Off Mysterious Suit

Madame Web, Spider-Man

Thanks to Instagram users @fifty_shadesdakota_italy and @dakotaportugal, fans now have a new look at Sony Picture's upcoming Spider-Man Universe movie, Madame Web.

The images show off three different stunt double actors, noted by the user as doubling for Dakota Johnson, Celeste O'Connor, and Tahar Rahim.

The most notable aspect of the images is the mysterious suit being worn by Rahim. It does have some sort of Spider-Man influence, from the web-like lines all over to the arm banding being similar to that of Andrew Garfield's suit in The Amazing Spider-Man.

Who Could Mystery Madame Web Figure Be?

One of the guesses that Twitter user @TrustMeBro18 threw out there was that this could be Ezekiel Sims, someone who was obsessed with Spider-Man in the comics—and actually had a connection to Cindy Moon, aka Silk.

But Sims has a connection to another set of villains who could be involved with Madame Web: the Inheritors. The villainous family made their name by hunting down Spider-People throughout the Spider-Verse and were the reason the now-famous comic event was created in the first place.

The only thing, however, is that visually, this strange new suit doesn't have any similarities. Usually, that set of characters wears high-class Victorian-style outfits.

Another character who could be involved is Knull, the King of Black, the creator of the Symbiotes and one of the most powerful beings in the world. While this figure, whose suit matches that villain's color scheme, may not be the Eldritch God himself, he could instead be an agent of his.

Whoever it happens to be, given all of the strange Spider-Man connections that have been spotted on Madame Web's set before, odds are that they'll have some sort of connection to the webhead himself.

Madame Web is set to land in theaters on February 16, 2024.

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